Monday, 17 October 2011

Soon I will be 40 ......

I will be hitting 40 end of this month .... a lot physiological changes in my body ... I need reading glasses now ... started to have joint pains ... I can finally identify with my parents ... I learned to be more patient and slow down a bit. My driving is in a more "zen" like state now since I bought my Honda Insight a couple of months back.... I learned to give in a bit more when people cut in the "q" ... at least now I am paying less for petrol ... now it amounts to 9 cents per kilometer... roughly about 20-21 km /L of RON 95 petrol. And I bought a white car which taught me ... to stop focusing on the stone chips from the highway or the tiny black spots when I inspect my car closely ... but when I look from far ... I realized that it is still a brilliant white car.... hence I learned to look more at the goodness of others instead of concentrating on the negative aspects.

And more and more I am reminded that life is short .. just recently ... one of my specialist was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. And today one of my friend's brother in law was suffered a stroke with intra cranial bleed ... scheduled for a craniotomy. Recently been getting chest pains again .... and it always reminds me how fragile life is .... and Steve Jobs died !!!!! So now I remind myself to live life to the fullness with no regrets.

So I guess I will be back to update my blog once a while.... so come walk this journey with me. Cheers!