Monday, 11 April 2011

Life is short

It saddens my heart that one of my favorite anaesthetic specialist who is also a good friend, Dr Maslina passed away today after being diagnosed with choriocarcinoma after one month. She was about my age and leaves behind a 2 year child and her husband. Life is like that full of surprises ..some good ... some is a wake up call for me ... I make plans for 5 years .. 10 years .... but I cannot predict the future .. I might not be around tomorrow. I need to spend more time with my loved ones and dear friends and start living life with no regrets....break free from the protective defenses that I have built up by being a hermit... and just love ... live .... like there is no tomorrow.

I think it is time I change my 10 year old car and start traveling next year to see the world because time waits for no man. And life is precious and worth living. I must learn to treasure every second that God has given me.