Thursday, 31 March 2011

A long overdue post before I take a break.....

Before I finally take my break from this blog .... I want to put up this post as it has been long overdue. Last year in November 2010, I had the privilege of helping out as a medical classifier for the Malaysian National Paralympics.

Sometimes we go thinking we can help them out but in the end they were the ones who helped us out ... with regards to how we see live. That was what happened ... these guys taught me how precious life was and that we need to treasure what we have .... we don't know how good we have it until we lost it. Some of these guys had lost their limbs due to accidents, some congenital, some negligence .... but all of these guys did not allow their handicap to cripple them from living life to the fullest. I for one.... was always looking for something to fill me up ... something to live for .... and these guys taught and made me realized how blessed I was. So in the end they were the ones who picked me up and help me and encouraged me to keep moving on in this journey called LIFE.

Just to share some photos ... I have a lot more ... but will only have time to do so in June... will be busy these next 2 months preparing for my exams.... I hope my last exams... coz my grey cells are dying real fast and my aging heart cannot take anymore stress ... and the sleepless night are bringing more wrinkles to my face :P

So once again .. I bid you guys good bye... and those who I do have contacts in Facebook or who have contacted me via emails etc ... Godwilling .. one day we will meet up and fellowship.

Take care.


Yan said...

Awesome = pictures, people and the story!

Thanks for sharing.

joshua said...

Well-written thoughts...

I thought you must have been giving a lot of thought in your writing when you used 'thought' instead of 'taught' twice - 'these guys thought me how precious life was' and 'these guys thought me and made me realized'.

Take care and God bless your two-month preparation. 8)

sbanboy said...

Yan: Thanks :)

Joshua: thanks for pointing it out ... wah you betul betul baca. Correction done. Yeah a lot of things on my mind... so m just taking a break.