Thursday, 24 March 2011

It is time to say good bye for now

Thanks for reading my blog.... but for now ... I think it is time to say good bye....until I am ready to share my life again. A lot of things had happened in my life .... I am glad that I finally found a wonderful church to go to now.... at least there is fellowship. Maybe one day I will be back or maybe this will be just a memory in my life.

No matter what happens ... I wish you guys all the best and life is meant to be lived to the fullest because it is so fragile and short. Most important never forget to love yourself ... coz if you don't love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else.

So I bid you all good bye.


Yan said...

Blessed to have seen may colours of life "through your eyes". God bless you!

day-dreamer said...

All the best in your future undertakings. Hope to see you back sometime. :)

David Lim said...

All the best, and hope to meet up one day :)