Friday, 25 February 2011

A Willing Heart


Words & Music By Kelly Willard
Copyright 1980/willing Heart Music

Once I Stumbled In The Darkness, Doing Only As I Pleased
But I Wasn't Really Happy, And My Heart Was Not At Ease
I Just Didn't Have The Willingness To Follow His Commands
'til I Layed My Heart Completely In His Hands

If You Don't Have A Willing Heart, Ask Him To Give You One
If You Can't Seem To Make A Start, Trust In His Power
For The Lord Of Love Is Watching You
He Sees What You're Going Through
And He Can Make A Way, If You Want Him To
Oh, Do You Want Him To?
Then, Tell Him So

All The Things My Heart Held Onto Only Filled Me With Despair
And The Road That I Was Traveling Never Took Me Anywhere
And I Knew No Satisfaction 'til I Found My Rest In Him
Then He Filled My Heart With Gladness Once Again

[repeat Chorus]

Kelly Willard has always encouraged and ministered to me with her angelic voice and meaningful lyrics. Her songs still give me goose bumps and this is one of the songs. I can't find her CDs here and I have just ordered a couple of CDs from her website . Eagerly awaiting for the CDs to arrive. She was one of the few Christian singers who encouraged during my early life as a Christian back in 1990s. Others were Steve Green, Sandi Patty, Scott Wesley Brown, David Meece ... just to mention a few. .... you can imagine what era I was in. :P

It helps to go back to square one and back to first love when we lost sight of Jesus ... when life overwhelms .... it helps to run back to Jesus. Many times, life does not turn out the way we want to.... I had to learn the hard way... that no matter what life is in His hands. And doing what I please did not really bring happiness or fulfillment...... true happiness and fulfillment only came when I willingly laid down my heart completely in His hands. And the things I held on to so tightly which I thought gave me my sense of identity and meaning in life only caused me despair until I find my rest in Him alone. Learning to let go was the only way.... but when I learned to let go .. He gave me back so much in return.

Dear Lord.... give me a willing heart.... a heart that yearns and burns for You alone. A heart that runs after You with an unquenchable passion until I see You face to face one day. Amen

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