Thursday, 2 December 2010

Back in Seremban and loving it!

I have been back in Seremban for nearly a week now and I am loving it. I drove mom back to Seremban last week on Sunday.... I stayed to fix my 9 year old car - Perodua Kenari ... signs of aging ... had to service the car, change the rear suspension, changed the petrol pump and float coz the petrol gauge was spoilt and I managed to service the car ... now the car feels like new. Hopefully the Kenari will last me for many more years. :)

I managed to eat all of my favorite places in Seremban.

The ikan bakar shop in Seremban with the steam squid and grilled fish.... very fresh and yummy.

Sweet and sour fried tau fu :)

Another of my favorite food is the pork satay at the Glutton Square in Seremban. The prices have gone up a bit ... kinda expensive .. they even charge for the satay sauce top ups. I usually stop by this place whenever I am back in Seremban. I still have not found any pork satays in Kota Kemuning.
It had been ages since I went to the old Market in Seremban. I used to have my meals in the market after school before I caught the bus home. One of my favorite is the beef noodles.

The old market still buzzing with life.

One of my friends in church opened a restaurant, the GIFT Tilapia which sells fresh fish. I tried out the salted tilapia and sambal tilapia and it was really nice. I plan to bring my parents there one day.

I was glad that I was able to catch up with some old friends back in Seremban. Mostly friends from my home church back in Seremban and it is amazing how some friendship remain true even after so many years. We met up and catch up on old times over some Baileys Coffee .... also one of my favorite :)

I am really glad that I went back to Seremban for a week. It had been ages. After this trip back, I have decided that I will try to go back at least once a month to hang out with my parents and old friends. It really brought back a lot of old memories.

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winniethepooh said...

the food looks yummy! and bailey is one of my fav too :) the original ones though :)