Monday, 4 October 2010

The power of a whisper

Last night I watched the live webcast from the Gateway Church in US where Jason Tam is serving since 2003. The message from Pastor Robert Morris was about giving "Value to the Voice of God" really spoke to me especially the part when he showed a short clip from Bill Hybels who wrote the book " The Power of a Whisper" ... how our lives can be transformed by making a daily commitment to quiet our souls and just listen to God. He shared how a person who listened to his messaged was challenged to put aside time each day to listen to God and write down what he heard. That person's life was changed by making a commitment to just listen to God .. that guy's favorite spot was in his rocking chair overlooking his garden. And it was in this very spot where God spoke to him. This spot where we meet with God can be anywhere ... can be in the commuter train when we go to work, at Starbucks, in the library, a quiet room in the house, by the beach or a waterfall, etc ... as long it is a spot where it is only between God and you .. away from all the distractions of the world.

It really spoke to me and from today onwards.. I have decided that I will get up a bit earlier to drive to work and sit in the library to just listen and write down what God speaks to me.

I really thank God for the live webcasts ... I usually watch the City Harvest Singapore and now I got a new church to listen which is the Gateway Church. At least I can still get ministered by the Word of God. These guys are really touching lives ... and I know that my life is being touched and refreshed. I am still looking for a church to go to ... and in Kota Kemuning ... I found a few which I will try out in the following weeks ... Gospel Hall Kota Kemuning, Community Baptist Church, Kota Kemuning Assembly of God etc ... I hope that I can find a place where I can fit in... have fellowship and serve. I did not know I was missing fellowship so much until I met up with my old buddy, Jason Tam, and I was really encouraged by his testimonies of how God had worked in his life and how faithful God has been in his life. When I hear someone else talking about how God had been so real in this life... I am encouraged and reminded at how real God is .... and I am reminded of His promises. And that is the wonderful rejuvenating and refreshing and recharging effect of good fellowship where we meet and share about the One true Love in our lives ... Jesus. I really pray that I can find that kind of fellowship in Kota Kemuning coz sometimes I can feel myself slipping away.


Reanaclaire said...

hi.. greetings to u... read through your post and feel like writing this.. it is encouraging to read some posts relating to our God Almighty Father .. for your situation now, pray about it how and where u want to serve.. i remember last time more than 10 years ago, i was searching for a church to go to and in fact i have been to a few and finally settled down in Methodist church.. and this is where God leads me to..

sbanboy said...

Hey Reanaclaire ... thanks for dropping by ... yes I am praying about this matter now and I believe that in His time .... He will lead me to the right church to belong to.

Do take care and God bless.