Saturday, 23 October 2010

Yummylicious Kiwi Fruit

Recently I had found a new love in my life. I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH KIWI!!! Yes the Kiwi fruit is the apple of my eye now. I absolutely love it. It fills me up. It satisfies me. It quenches my thirst .... yummy ... it goes really well with yogurt which is a heavenly combination.

Both photos taken with my Tamron 90 mm F2.8 Macro lens which I am absolutely in love with as well. Next lens will be the prime lens 50mm F1.8 and the telephoto 55-300mm F4.5-5.6 VR II Nikon lens :)

Both pictures taken with the placing the Kiwi on a white chopping board and an A4 white paper as the background. Flash on the side and my dslr was handheld without any tripod... I was too lazy to take out the tripod :P Some tuning up done in Photoscape.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Another thing to lust for !!!

The craving never ends .. just when I thought I got my self control mustered up ... Apple releases the Apple Macbook Air 11inches !!!!! I hate Apple.. I love Apple ... I hate Apple ... I love Apple .... repeat to myself a million times .. that I have self control ... I have self control ... I have control .....:P Man it is not WORKING !! ..... coz it is already on sale !!!! click the link here.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My name in Chinese

My parents just got back from China and they bought for me a stamp with my name in Chinese. I can stamp my name in Chinese on any documents if I want to ...some sort of branding :P Anyway I was busy preparing for my research proposal and I am supposed to show my supervisor the first draft tomorrow morning. Had a mental block and I thought that I will take a short break .... decided to try out the Tamron 90mm F2.8 macro lens.... the photos were taken and editted within 15 minutes. All I used was a white paper as the background. Kept my Metz 48 flashgun on a stand as the slave flash. I was too lazy to take out the tripod as it was meant to be a quickie coz gonna get back to my proposal writing.

So far I am very pleased with the Tamron 90 mm F2.8 macro lens... it fast and sharp and gives a nice bokeh. Very easy to switch between manual and auto focus mode. I can't wait to explore more after my exams ... right now I am just picking up things at home and shooting them to "destress" Exams will be in November but what I am really looking forward to is helping out at the Malaysian paralympic sports which will be held in Melaka later in November.

My name in Chinese... :)
I was born in the year of the Piglet ... oppss I meant the year of the Pig. :P

Anyway just a short post ... and I do have a wonderful supervisor who has now become one of my best buddies. It is amazing how God brings people into my life at the right time and place.

Ok back to my research proposal thingy ... oppss .. I better not forget to eat dinner and take my shower :P

Sunday, 17 October 2010

A different perspective

Managed to try out my friend's macro lens .. Tamron 90mm F2.8 with 1:1 macro. Basically what you see is what you get. Can't wait to take more macro shots. More to come later after my exams in November :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

God of my everything

God of my everything

sung by Bebo Norman ... visit his website.

Verse 1:

Oh God of heaven come and helm me in

Gather the pieces that are broken

Show me the wonder of You again

Oh God of heaven


God of my hope

God of my need

God of my pain that one else will ever see

God of my healing

God of my strength

God Who is always and will forever reign

God of my everything

Verse 2:

In all creation You call my name

In all the beauty that this world displays

Still I am the one for whom Your heart aches

In all creation


And when the mountains shake

You are my God, You never change

And when the earth gives way

You are still God, You never change

The message I heard last week from Gateway webcast is still nudging at my heart. The value and power of listening to His voice... to quiet myself and just listen to His voice. He has been trying to speak to me through my pain, my rejections, my own self condemnation, my failures, my weaknesses, my circumstances, my problems, my job, my self confidence, my self esteem, my loneliness...... yet many times these things cloud my mind and blind my eyes to the God Who is standing in front of me with His arms wide open... longing for me to run into His arms.....whispering to me “ Son it is ok... come to me and find rest. You don’t have to impress me like how the world judges you. Your value is not measured by what you do for Me but by what I have done and am doing in your life. So my child...let go and let Me in. Don’t compare yourself with others. Let go of the hurts .....the loneliness.... Am I not enough for you? You don’t have to get your act together to come to me....just come as you are. Don’t let the lie of self condemnation separate us. Come and find rest. Come and find life. Come and find peace. Come and find companionship for life. You will never be alone again for I am with you.” Yes this is what I have been doing in the morning drive to work.... communing with God.... letting Him speak....letting the Holy Spirit minister...letting go and letting Him in. As the tears flow..healing and cleansing began.....each tear that only He sees ... the pain that no one else will ever see ... God of my healing and my everything.

No matter what had happened in my life... somehow the need to worship Him still burns strong in my heart. I was a worship leader when I was studying in India and when I came back to Malaysia, I was serving in the worship ministry and as a cell group leader until I became too busy with my work and studies. It was this burning desire to worship and serve God and have fellowship with other believers which caused me to apply to a new department where I work normal office hours. This was the reason how I ended up taking up keyboard lessons in Summit USJ a couple of months and met this brother who had encouraged and ministered to me when I was really down. It is amazing how God arranges events and people in my life at the right time and place. I have been to Summit USJ for the past few years but never really saw the pin up sign for the keyboard lessons until now. So far this weekly keyboard lessons had been my source of fellowship as he had made it his life purpose to train and build up worship leaders from his keyboard lessons.

This morning while driving to work.... while the song “God of my everything” was playing on repeat.....the thought came to me. I am happy when good things happen in my life and when things goes as planned in my life. But when bad things happen .... how do I respond? Am I still happy? Am I unshakened by the fact that God is the God of my everything when everything seems to be going wrong and not the way I want? Can I still walk around with a smile on my life just based on the fact that God is never changing .... that He is still the Living and Almighty God in spite of everything going wrong in my life..when there is no evidence of His hand in my life..... when I don’t feel Him...when my strength is gone...? And I prayed that I will remain steadfast regardless of the circumstances that I am going matter what that I will believe in my heart that He is for me and that He is my God and that He never changes...not based on how I feel or what my eyes tell me.

Many times I had wanted to stop blogging .....a few people who read my blog have asked me ... why am I so pessimistic? why do I sound so down all the time? When I first started blogging ... I told myself that I will be true to what I am and be transparent about I am going through .... and this blog serves as a reminder of God's goodness in my life. Christian life is not a bed of roses. I don't always have my act together. I keep falling but God picks me up and I keep going forward in His strength. Not here to gain popularity but I just wanna tell the world that my God loves imperfect people....the unloved, the rejected, the hopeless, the failures, the motley crew....we don't have to clean up our mess before coming to God. That is why I am so in love with Him.....the Lover of my main reason to live is to love Him, worship Him and to make Him known. Through the down times ... I hope that people can see that through it all... God shines through the darkest moments and when all hope is lost...when all strength is gone... He is there. He is the God who strongest in our weakness. If I can touch even one life for Jesus... then this blog is worth it all. Amen.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The power of a whisper

Last night I watched the live webcast from the Gateway Church in US where Jason Tam is serving since 2003. The message from Pastor Robert Morris was about giving "Value to the Voice of God" really spoke to me especially the part when he showed a short clip from Bill Hybels who wrote the book " The Power of a Whisper" ... how our lives can be transformed by making a daily commitment to quiet our souls and just listen to God. He shared how a person who listened to his messaged was challenged to put aside time each day to listen to God and write down what he heard. That person's life was changed by making a commitment to just listen to God .. that guy's favorite spot was in his rocking chair overlooking his garden. And it was in this very spot where God spoke to him. This spot where we meet with God can be anywhere ... can be in the commuter train when we go to work, at Starbucks, in the library, a quiet room in the house, by the beach or a waterfall, etc ... as long it is a spot where it is only between God and you .. away from all the distractions of the world.

It really spoke to me and from today onwards.. I have decided that I will get up a bit earlier to drive to work and sit in the library to just listen and write down what God speaks to me.

I really thank God for the live webcasts ... I usually watch the City Harvest Singapore and now I got a new church to listen which is the Gateway Church. At least I can still get ministered by the Word of God. These guys are really touching lives ... and I know that my life is being touched and refreshed. I am still looking for a church to go to ... and in Kota Kemuning ... I found a few which I will try out in the following weeks ... Gospel Hall Kota Kemuning, Community Baptist Church, Kota Kemuning Assembly of God etc ... I hope that I can find a place where I can fit in... have fellowship and serve. I did not know I was missing fellowship so much until I met up with my old buddy, Jason Tam, and I was really encouraged by his testimonies of how God had worked in his life and how faithful God has been in his life. When I hear someone else talking about how God had been so real in this life... I am encouraged and reminded at how real God is .... and I am reminded of His promises. And that is the wonderful rejuvenating and refreshing and recharging effect of good fellowship where we meet and share about the One true Love in our lives ... Jesus. I really pray that I can find that kind of fellowship in Kota Kemuning coz sometimes I can feel myself slipping away.