Sunday, 26 September 2010

Meet up with some close friends....

I don't usually go out on weekends ... I rather stay home .. turn on the air cond ... watch TV and play my Playstation 3 with the new Playstation Move games. Anyway last Saturday I met up with some close friends in Subang Parade. I had worked with them before.....we have since parted ways but we still kept in touch. One of them is currently in Paris and she was back for holidays. We met up in Subang Parade and decided to have lunch in Sakae Sushi to catch up on old times. I am glad that we went at 12 noon coz by 1230 pm the place was packed with people and there was a long Q outside.

It was great catching up and talking about old times and on what is happening in our lives at the moment. Most of us have changed but somehow the bond we had as friends remained strong. I realized that I only have a handful of close friends .... people who I can just call up and just hang out. Coz if you had read my earlier blog entries .. I am a hermit and I had built strong walls around me to protect myself ... strange ....the very thing that I crave for ...for companionship and friendship ... I had managed to keep it away from me by insulating myself from others.... for the fear of getting hurt or rejected. I have stuck in my comfort zone.... but slowly I am reaching out. Slowly .... very very slowly. Anyway I am thankful for the handful that I have .... who really know me.... who I can just be myself. Somehow when I open up my heart and eyes ... I noticed that there are a few unexpected friends which God brings into my life at the very moment when I needed it. It will take me time but I am slowly geting there. Anyway back to my post about meeting up with my friends.

My all time favorite in Sakae Sushi ... Hana Maki .. I can gopple down loads of them :P
Most yummy dishes in Sakae Sushi
Another of my favorite ... Unagi :)
After lunch ... we went for ice cream at Baskin Robbins and then to Coffee Bean for a chat.

Life is short ..... I think that was the conclusion most of us made that day and time really flies. We decided that we will meet again whenever we get the chance.
After we parted ways ... I still had to visit a friend for Raya open house. It was all the way in Wangsa Maju and it was jam in NKVE and MRR2 in Kuala Lumpur .... the heavy rain did not help either ... but while getting stuck in the jam and driving to meet my friends ... I was thanking God for friends who broke through my defences and touched my heart .... people who accepted me for who I am ... who did not judge me ..... people who braved thru my weaknesses and eccentricity ..people who saw my potential and who I could become....... for these people ... you know who are .... I love you guys and I am here for you as you were there for me .... and I am here to stay.

It was a great weekend ..... managed to clean up my house .... worked out on the cross trainer .... and now doing my assignments for next week classes. Good night.

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Twilight said...

Your photos are always lovely and crystal clear!