Friday, 27 August 2010

Fukuro and Dharma

I received these 2 cute ornaments from a good friend who bought it when he was in Japan. 2 very meaningful ornaments ... meet Fukuro and Dharma
Fukuro and Dharma
Fukuro : Happiness and Prosperity
Fukuro ( Owl ) is pronounced as the luck same as "no trouble" or "good come soon" in Japanese. It is a good luck article for bring good (business) fortune. The Owl lives at night so it is believed to bring good luck for students when studying during the late hours of the night.
(taken from the tag on the ornament)
Dharma Doll : Victory and Prosperity
A Dharma Doll is known as an indomitable spirit. It is round at the bottom and it will automatically regain its balance after being tipped over. So it is popular as a symbol which does not go bankrupt. It brings good luck in business and for school exams.
(taken from the tag on the ornament)

Both very meaningful ornaments for me .... will be keeping it on my study table.


TZ said...

Nice dolls and according to Japanese they bring good...

Michelle Mak said...

can i copy and print the pics ah?
and stick it on my table.. exam coming also.. *FRIGHT*

sbanboy said...

Thanks Tz

Hey Michelle ... of course you can copy and print the pics ... all the best for your exams ... Fukuro and Dharma will see u thru it :)