Friday, 27 August 2010

Fukuro and Dharma

I received these 2 cute ornaments from a good friend who bought it when he was in Japan. 2 very meaningful ornaments ... meet Fukuro and Dharma
Fukuro and Dharma
Fukuro : Happiness and Prosperity
Fukuro ( Owl ) is pronounced as the luck same as "no trouble" or "good come soon" in Japanese. It is a good luck article for bring good (business) fortune. The Owl lives at night so it is believed to bring good luck for students when studying during the late hours of the night.
(taken from the tag on the ornament)
Dharma Doll : Victory and Prosperity
A Dharma Doll is known as an indomitable spirit. It is round at the bottom and it will automatically regain its balance after being tipped over. So it is popular as a symbol which does not go bankrupt. It brings good luck in business and for school exams.
(taken from the tag on the ornament)

Both very meaningful ornaments for me .... will be keeping it on my study table.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A short update

A lot have happened in my life the past few months. There were ups and downs. But God had remained faithful and good to me all the time. I have started a one year Masters of Public Health course ( yeah many people ask me why oh why I wanna study again - well I wanna give myself another chance .... one more try .... and if it does not work out ... life goes on .... my priorities are different now ). I am still up late night now trying to finish off a presentation which is due this Friday...... which means that I will be falling asleep during classes tomorrow ... oh well as long as I get to complete my work :).

I have moved into a new house in Kota Kemuning and I plan to sell off my apartment in USJ. I moved in on June 25th 2010 and I must say ... I LOVE THE NEW HOUSE! It is very cozy .... I look forward to going home.

I am still looking for a church to go to but I am attending fellowships here and there and I am one step closer to a church where I can belong. Started taking keyboard classes with a brother in Christ who wants me to start serving in christian fellowship on Saturdays.

And my heart is still very much smitten by Jesus.

We need one another

I was speaking to a close friend of mine who is a brother in Christ ... he is going through a tough time to the extent that he is angry with God regarding what he is going through..... actually he is too caught up in his own world to realized that all he had to do was to let go and let God in and that most of his problems were his own doing ... but he had reached a point where he is blaming God for all the bad things in his life.... it is so easy to point a finger at God when things go bad ... we forget the times when He had proven Himself to be faithful and merciful. I am guilty of that as well .. when things go well .. it is so easy to forget God and when things go wrong, we forget His goodness and put a finger at God, blaming Him for everything .. we forget that He is the Almight God .. the One we should fear and love and cherish. It is amazing that He is such a merciful and forgiving God or else there will not be anyone left on earth if He were to start passing out judgement on the spot.

I realized that somtimes God allows us to go through difficult time so that we can support, encourage and stand along side someone who is going through the same difficult times. It makes us more sensitive and compassionate towards the fellow traveler in this journey called life. We all need one another. We all need a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on once in awhile. The worst thing we can do is to shut everyone out.

This picture was taken during Chinese New Year when I get to meet my niece from Thailand once a year. I am planning to travel to Thailand next year ... too broke this year after moving into my new house in Kota Kemuning. So everything put on hold though I did manage to go to Hong Kong earlier this year.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

No escape

Sometimes when I think I have got my life in order ... the past and the "old man- the old me with all the weaknesses and bad habits" always manage to catch up with me and my world falls apart. Only by the grace of God and the wonderful family and friends support that I am able to pick myself up again and keep moving on in life. In the end, I realized that there is no escape .... just need to keep picking myself up and keep moving on no matter what the setback and to keep forgiving myself and not give up.

Bukit Gasing hiking ... I finally did it!!!

I finally went for a hike to Bukit Gasing ..... though it might not be such a tough hike for me .. it was an achievement .... hehe ... I did not know that losing about 7 kgs can make such a big difference to my endurance. I had also been doing short runs on the treadmill.... I guess it all paid off. My sister had been asking me to tag along as she has been training for her Kota Kinabalu climb with her husband on August 16th 2010.

My sister in great shape.
Yes this is to prove that I was really there :P

The way out ... I ran out the last few bit :P ... I think if my endurance improves and I lose more weight .. I will aim to go for a climb to Kota Kinabalu :)