Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I am on leave till Wednesday and I am back in Seremban.... been ages since I came back ... finally have time for myself to go through my Europe photos and also read some of the books I bought recently ... I also made time to catch up with old friends.

These are some photos taken in Rotterdam. After classes, I will go for walks and dinner with a few friends. The city is one of the most modern city in Netherlands ....

Yup we walked the bridge to the other side.... a great workout.
Lovely blue sky .....

This one of the theatres where they have plays, shows etc. Unfortunately it is not in season now so we were not able to go for any shows.
One of the underground subway tunnels.
The huge shopping mall in Alexandrium.

Finally a candle light dinner to finish off the day ... we had a nice dinner at a chinese restaurant.


Dr V said...

much better watermark ;)

Robin said...

Wishing You and Your Family ...


Merry Christmas

and a Healthy, Blissful New Year

Las montañas said...

Amsterdam! got see the noti displays in the red light areas? ;)