Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Distance by Phillips Craig and Dean

The Distance by Phillips, Craig and Dean

Broken up on a road that felt like freedom
A rebel headed anywhere but home
Adam’s fall repeated in a moment
Kept it at the edge of Eden’s door

In the company of the angels
Reachin’ from a beautiful world
You could’ve waited

You couldn’t stand
Couldn’t stand the distance
You wouldn’t bare the silence anymore
Love broke the fall, bridged across to reach us
You opened Heaven’s door
‘Cause you couldn’t stand the distance

Close enough to see the love I needed
A seeker lookin’ for the way back home
Underneath the weight of what I wasted
While mercy stood lookin’ down on hope

Then you ran to where I was waiting
And your love crossed the canyon between us
You came to save me


So close to your mercy
Yet so far away
You ran to me
You ran to me
Embrace me
You call me by name
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Silence .... silence for so long ..... the distance was increasing .... the intimacy fading ... only hardening of the heart. And still He has a way to break through all my defenses. I have stopped going to church for a few months now since I got back from Europe. Been keeping to myself again. Might give DUMC a try since I got a cousin there or maybe pay the Grace Assembly a visit since I got an old classmate there. Anyway I might spend Christmas in KL since I got some friends coming over from India, Sabah and Penang.

It is amazing how God will never let you go ... never let go of His hold over me ... it is I who lets go of His hands. This song brought tears to my eyes while I was driving to work in the morning .. stuck in the jam .... was lost in thoughts .... and the song started ... the Spirit of God just washed all over me .... filling me .... completing me .... washing me clean .... yes how easy it is to push God aside .... to let everything fill me instead of God. Yes it He never stops reaching out ... never stops wooing. What an amazing God I serve ... the Lover of my soul ... the Faithful one for the unfaithful one. This kind of love has never stopped amazing me. It is beyond words. Once again .. I gave myself completely to Jesus. Amen.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Organization Chart : an illustration

One of my friends sent me this email and it kinda get the message across really loud and clear in a comical way.