Sunday, 2 August 2009

PC Fair and I finally met spinosum :)

Yup I did it again. I told myself that I wont go to PC Fair again coz it was just too crowded and I could get the same prices at Low Yat where there will be less crowded. The last visit ... I bought a one terabyte hard disk after getting through the crowd in PC Fair ... I was really happy with the buy and I found out that it was the same price in Low Yat when I went there the following week.

PC Fair was crowded.
Finally got out of PC Fair .... I bought a 4gb SD card for my camera in preparation for my Europe trip and a leather casing for my iphone 3G.

I wanted to try out the night shots on Finepix F200EXR and the results really blew me away for a compact camera. I am very happy with the results. I am thinking that I will just bring my Finepix compact camera instead my Dslr Canon 350D to lighten the load.
A lot of people sitting and admiring the fountain.
Met a friend from church for dinner at Little Penang Cafe in KLCC. I already miss the real Penang food.

We sat and talked for a long time until we were the only ones left in the restaurant :)

I finally met Spinosum. We got to know each other via our blogs and our love for gadgets like pdas, gps etc. He has a clinic at PJU 1/3 B - Klinik Loh. We had lunch at the famous char siew restaurant near his clinic and we plan to meet up again for more chat and gadgets talk. Some friendships just kinda click.

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