Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Nijmegen : it was love at first sight

Nijmegen ... the city which I fell in love at first sight. This is one of the cities in Netherlands where I really felt at home .... no rush ... it was serene. The people were friendly ... people greeted us on the road, strangers offered help when we were struggling with the map. It was just a nice feeling walking through the town and the parks. It was lovely. This was a place where I did not rush back to Rotterdam .... we took our time.

I spent alot of time on the trains ..... my iphone was my trusted companion .... providing me with music and games and books to read. I really love the big screen :D
I wanted to make this photo look antique :P

Part of the ruins left in Nijmegen

Part of a pillar of the cathedral.
The church in the center of town.

The grand organ pipes in church.
Lovely lighting in church.

Machine vending snacks :D

We had chinese food at the park...yummy.
Back to Rotterdam and I spotted the Daihatsu Mira which was the Perodua Kancil back in Malayisa.

I took alot of pictures ...but the memory of the places I have visited will remain in my memory forever.


Anonymous said...

wah! so cantik!!!

kyh said...

Nice pictures! And that was Chinese food? Doesn't look familiar to me... :P

kyh @

Chris said...

wow! seems nice~ far from AMS?

val said...

Hi =) juz dropped by to say Hi & see how you're doing... tx for sharing the great pics of your trip. Keep in touch & God bless =)

Chris said...

so nice!

Twilight Zone said...

Wah! Wah! Very lovely photos! I think I will only visit Europe in 2011.