Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Netherlands Day One

A new journey begins.

KLIA was crowded the day I was flying to Amsterdam ... good thing there was self check in counter. Really hasten things up.
Lazing at the MAS Lounge before boarding the flight.
My own personal LCD Monitor during the flight ... watched a couple of movies.
This is the best part ... I can actually press the bed button and my seat will slide down and flatten out for me to sleep on .... not able to sleep much though.

Landed safely at Schiphol International Airport ... I went out to take some pictures while waiting for me to arrive from Tilburg. Very sweet and nice of her to come all the way to pick me up from the airport and she gave me some pointers regarding how to take a train/tram/buses .... at least not so blur loh.
Had yummy multigrain sandwich with cold meat.
Arrived in one piece at Rotterdam Centraal Train Station.... now waitng for my connecting train ... I think I will be spending alot of time on trains while traveling around Netherlands.
Double decker trains....very comfortable
Open air market on weekends ... the orang putih verision of Pasar Malam :D
You can even get your spare parts for the bicycles !!!!
Glorious CHEESE ... too many varieties that I did not even know which one to choose !
Yummy Pastries
Lovely Flowers

The Cube Houses just outside Rotterdam Blaak station .. which is 5 mins walk to my hotel.
One of the canals

I managed to witness the Music Carnival in Rotterdam ... Dutch people know how to party !!!!

The mess left behind ... which was promptly cleaned up ... very efficient .... Dutch people laid back and very efficient at what they do.
Netherlands seems like a place where I can settle down in. :) Laid back ... I love the fresh air and the blue skies. They are very warm and friendly and helpful.

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Twilight Zone said...

Very lovely postcard photos of yours! The sunflower looked so big and fake. LOL
Is that your Dutch gal friend who is hosting? Say "Hi" to her....