Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Life's Healing Choices - by John Baker

I have been reading John Baker's book - Life's healing choices ... I am really impressed with what the Saddleback Church in US is doing .. especially the Celebrate Recovery meetings where someone can just meet up with others ... a place to be transparent .. to know that one is accepted unconditionally regardless of the past and current experiences .. the demons that holds us back .... we all have skeletons in the closet .. the things that we alone know and we guarded it fiercely so that no one will ever know the truth about us fearing rejection. The Saddleback Church provided an environment where people could just let down their guards, tear down the walls and put away the mask and be transparent about who they really are .. knowing that they will be not be judged but will only find love, support and acceptance. I wonder if I can ever find a Malaysian version of the Saddleback Church. Still the search goes on. In the meantime, I can only keep praying and cling on to Jesus for dear life. Maybe our culture had not reached the point where we will not judge but accept and love. That God alone can change someone.

Lord, I pray that You will show me this church where I can go to and grow and be set free to be who You want me to be .. to serve You ... You alone sees my heart's desires. You alone know the real me.... my heart's desire to love You and to be loved by You and to share Your love with others who do not know You yet ... to touch lives for You. Please guide me and show me and give me the strength and faith to keep going on and live for You alone. Amen

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