Saturday, 18 July 2009

Yummy food in Penang Part 2

Glorious yummy food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part two of the yummy food in Penang. Surprisingly I did not put on much after stuffing myself with food daily ... burp ..... but I made sure that I walked about 8000-10000 steps per day which was recorded with my pedometer ( I will blog about the pedometer in another post :) )

Glorious sambal belacan ... yummy .. goes great wit the prawn mee found at Green House Prawn Mee shop.
One bowl is NOT enough .. though I just had one bowl with extra tiny prawns ... :)
Teow Chew seafood at Pulau Tikus ... expensive with small portions ! Anyway not going back again.
Sweet and sour prawns ... 5 small prawns for RM 15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oysters mee ... not too bad.
Chee Cheong Fun at Midlands Restaurant - it is call China Restaurant... nice :)
Fish dim sum
Pickled long beans
My all time favorite ... I must have this whenever I go to Penang ... mamak mee goreng. At Mt Erskine Food Court.
Glorious seafood kuah teow with LAP CHEONG !!!!!!! my favorite !!!!
Succulent fried oyster with egg.
Mixed Lobak
Yummy Pork porridge :)

I am already day dreaming about when I will return to Penang on a food binge ... in the mean now in the gym burning off the extra calories.


day-dreamer said...

Yum yum!

Happy Sunday! :)

Jonzz said...

Haiz food temptations...