Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Pizza Uno alternative in Seremban !!!!!

Finally a Pizza Uno alternative in Seremban !!!!!!! It is called Pizza Italia and it is run by a chef who used to work in Pizza Uno USJ. It is located behind Hospital Columbia Seremban. These are the GPS coordinates : N2 42.551 E101 55.036

The prices are reasonable ... very affordable compared to Pizza Uno USJ where the prices had increased exorbitantly. They have most of my favorites dishes in Pizza Uno.

I went there last Saturday for lunch with Kok Hon and Boon Ping .... I had a great time of fellowship ... I was thinking maybe I should start going back to Seremban more often to attend church back home... at the same time I can see my parents more often.
Seafood Marinara white cream sauce.... super yummy.
Fish and chips :)
And here is how the shop looks like. Those in Seremban should give it a try :)


spinosum said...

So how much commission are u paid for writing up this blog? ;)

Jonzz said...

Oh no! more food temptations! in Seremban!! NOOOOO