Friday, 31 July 2009

Netherlands here I come !

Yes ! I will flying off to Netherlands next Friday. I just got my plane ticket this week. I will be attending a 3 weeks summer course at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Been so swamped with work that I did not have time to plan out what I wanna do in Europe. Good thing I have a friend over in Netherlands who is helping me plan out my trips.... and it is great to travel with a friend instead of going alone.

I am bringing my laptop along with my finepix F200EXR and I am still contemplating if I should bring my Canon 350D dslr camera along ... was thinking of traveling light...hmmm

I am definitely gonna miss Malaysian food :P

Ok good night guys ....cheers.

Yummy Food in USJ Taipan

Some yummy-licious food in USJ Taipan

Korean BBQ Pork at Daodore Restaurant (hope I got the name correct )
I had the Korean BBQ meal with a close friend of mine :)
Vege at the hawker food stall
Juicy chicken
Pork balls

My all time favorite.... pork noodle soup.
Oyster fried with egg.

I seldom go out for meals by myself. I usually just make some salads, instant noodles or sandwiches when I am home. Whenever I take pictures of food .. it is usually when I am in the company of friends.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Pizza Uno alternative in Seremban !!!!!

Finally a Pizza Uno alternative in Seremban !!!!!!! It is called Pizza Italia and it is run by a chef who used to work in Pizza Uno USJ. It is located behind Hospital Columbia Seremban. These are the GPS coordinates : N2 42.551 E101 55.036

The prices are reasonable ... very affordable compared to Pizza Uno USJ where the prices had increased exorbitantly. They have most of my favorites dishes in Pizza Uno.

I went there last Saturday for lunch with Kok Hon and Boon Ping .... I had a great time of fellowship ... I was thinking maybe I should start going back to Seremban more often to attend church back home... at the same time I can see my parents more often.
Seafood Marinara white cream sauce.... super yummy.
Fish and chips :)
And here is how the shop looks like. Those in Seremban should give it a try :)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Yummy food in Penang Part 2

Glorious yummy food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part two of the yummy food in Penang. Surprisingly I did not put on much after stuffing myself with food daily ... burp ..... but I made sure that I walked about 8000-10000 steps per day which was recorded with my pedometer ( I will blog about the pedometer in another post :) )

Glorious sambal belacan ... yummy .. goes great wit the prawn mee found at Green House Prawn Mee shop.
One bowl is NOT enough .. though I just had one bowl with extra tiny prawns ... :)
Teow Chew seafood at Pulau Tikus ... expensive with small portions ! Anyway not going back again.
Sweet and sour prawns ... 5 small prawns for RM 15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oysters mee ... not too bad.
Chee Cheong Fun at Midlands Restaurant - it is call China Restaurant... nice :)
Fish dim sum
Pickled long beans
My all time favorite ... I must have this whenever I go to Penang ... mamak mee goreng. At Mt Erskine Food Court.
Glorious seafood kuah teow with LAP CHEONG !!!!!!! my favorite !!!!
Succulent fried oyster with egg.
Mixed Lobak
Yummy Pork porridge :)

I am already day dreaming about when I will return to Penang on a food binge ... in the mean now in the gym burning off the extra calories.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Starbucks Coffee at Borders Penang

Having a chocolate drink at Starbucks Borders Penang. My last day in Penang before I drive back to KL tomolo. I had a good week in Penang. Stuffed myself with all the hawker food.

Starbucks here in Borders is always packed with people. Some read books, some surf the net and there are some who hogs over the place even without purchasing any drinks from Starbucks. Actually I prefer the comfort of my own apartment with some nice coffee/tea to read a book or surf the net. Besides the coffee will be cheaper at home :).

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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Kek Lok Si Penang

I have not been to Kek Lok Si in a long long long time. A couple of days back, I managed to go there with some colleagues to check out the Asam Laksa located at the foothill and to visit Kek Lok Si. More information on Kek Lok Si here.

Kek Lok Si is a temple which houses a 120 feet bronze Guan Yin. There is also a pagoda. It was a good exercise for me to walk up all the way to Kek Lok Si. Was kinda tempted to drive all the way up to the temple :) Anyway made it up alive drenched in my sweat and managed to take some photos.

Yes I survived ! Steps leading to the main temple.
Inner part of the temple.
Some chinese characters on a pillar.
Monks busy at work.
The view from the ramp up to Guan Yin statue.

A tourist feeding the fish ... erm actually there was a sign board telling us not to feed the fish.
View from the top of the Pagoda.
It was a good trip to visit places that I have been to when I was a small kid. Still a lot of heritage places which I had not visited in Penang. I wish I had brought my dslr along but my Fuji compact was easier to carry :)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Why I love Penang Food!

I always look forward going to Penang. I love the food in Penang and it is definitely a place where I don't mind settling down when I am older and retired :)

The famous Penang Road Cendol
Asam Laksa at the shops below Kek Lok Si Temple
Char Siew Rice at Sky Hotel
First time I am having Fried Porridge at 113 Restaurant located at Fettes Road .. yummy :)
My buffet lunch at the conference
Nice Plum drink.

Man I got my work cut out at the gym when I get back to USJ :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Conference in Penang

I am currently in Penang for a week. I am attending a conference in G Hotel.

I am also trying out the blogging software : BlogPress, which I bought for my iPhone. Hope it works.

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