Saturday, 6 June 2009

Going to the gym !!!!

Yes !! I finally signed up with True Fitness and I got quite a good deal ... very affordable and I am really excited about working out today. I am planning to go at 4 pm and sweat it out so that I will not feel guilty when I have dinner with my old classmates - Bryan and Lionel later at 7.30 pm at Subang Parade. It is great catching up with old friends.

I am really excited about this phase in my life ... I must keep the momentum and motivation going strong coz I am giving myself 6 months to get a new wardrobe. Time to make my new year resolution come to pass. I used to fear going to the gym coz of my size ..... since I started working out at the treadmill at home, I know that my stamina had improved and now I want to incease the intensity of the workout. Anyone wanna join me .. just give me a buzz .. I got a couple of 2 weeks free gym passes. It will be great to have a workout buddy. Whether I get a workout buddy or not ... I am doing this for myself and this time I want to make it.

I will meeting a friend who is gonna help me start it off right .... to learn how to set up a goal and to plan out a proper workout regime so that I can stick to it and make it work.

Ok time to get ready and get my butt out of my apartment. Have a great weekend guys.


Twilight Zone said...

That's great that you signed up! Very soon you can strip and show off your new abs to us. Whoooaaa!

TZ said...

Dude, keep up the good start ... and glad that finally you got yourself back to the gym... :)

3quarks said...

it always feel good after sweating out... anywayz just now, hear this windchime sound.. me and my buddy were looking around the appartment where does the sound came from... then found out its from ur site haha..

sbanboy said...

Hahahah .... hopefully my one pack will be six pack ..hehe

Yeah I must keep the momentum

Thanks for dropping by.

Yeah it feels great after work out. ... got any pointers ?

Hehe .. yeah the wind chime is kinda cool :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Good to hear this. I know you can do it and I'm awaiting to see the brand new you.

Bahija said...

Hey, this is a good healthy exercie :) , good for you. May I ask , do you have any friends in True Fitness who signed up for years, and decided not to continue ? he/she can tranfer the remaining subscriptions to me, I pay them.... I want to join True Fitness, but I am not a dicipline person, I usually show face 3 mths, the rest 'wasted' , so if anyone can sell me his/her 1 yr membership, that be GOOD :) , if you have , ping TZ to ping me..thanks