Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another try

I am gonna try joining the gym again ... I joined True Fitness 3 years back and due to work and procrastination I was not that regular. Recently I had been having missed heart beats ..... and some chest pains but thank God ... after a check up and stress test ... I am ok so far. In the process, I had started walking daily on the treadmill and at work I keep track of my steps with a pedometer.... tryin to hit 10000 steps a day which is the recommeded daily exercises. So far I average around 6000-8000 steps a day. I can now brisk walk and jog on the treadmill but I felt I wanted more variety to work out different parts of my body ... so it is time to get out and join a gym and break free from the past. Let's hope I get a good deal today at True Fitness USJ. I dont want to lose the momentum that I have gain these past few weeks.


Yan said...

Yay! I walk treadmill an hour a day! Oop! Just saw the small note on the machine today to ask users to limit to 30 minutes per session for other users' benefit. Shame, shame on me. But, but, it was 6:30 am everyday and I seem not to notice anyone waiting for their turn! So, 30 minutes or 60 minutes? difficult to decide!

Keep walking!

sbanboy said...

Pssst ... if no one around .. just keep using the treadmill ...hehe

I usually go for about 40 minutes ... trying to push up the intensity and duration :)