Saturday, 9 May 2009

Time to go back

Time to go back
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Finally it is time to say good bye to Genting Highlands. I had a great
time. Really bonded with my parents and had a great time chatting with
my parents. Their words were words of wisdom and they have instilled
in me my principles in life.

It was nice knowing how the simple things in life helps to lessen a
lot of unnecessary stress and contendment in life is the way to go.
Learning to let go. I used to hold so tightly to the reins of my life.
I wanted to be in control. There are so many things and situations
which are beyond my control. Learning to let go and letting God be
the God of all of me and letting Him on the throne of my life had
taken away a lot of needless stress, headache and heartache. I thank
Him for all that happened in my life be it be good or bad and these
are the spices of life which in the end makes life worth living. We must
know sadness in order to appreciate happiness, turmoil to appreciate
peace, loss in order to appreciate companionship.


tracy said...

It's great to spend such quality time with your family. Beautiful moments and they are the treasures given to you.
Take care!
Just dropping by, having a short break for myself in between writing for my dissertation.

[SK] said...

it's great that you have such an enlightening holidays up the hill :)

sbanboy said...

tracyYup precious time with family indeed :)

skthanks bro :)