Monday, 4 May 2009

Rakuzen Japanese Dinner in Subang Jaya

I had always liked the food in Rakuzen. The last time I had Rakuzen was the lunch buffet at Rakuzen branch in Chulan Square. Last week of my friends wanted to try out the newly opened Rakuzen branch in Subang Jaya. We arrived at about 730 pm and the place was already full and we had to wait awhile as we did not make any reservations. The service was great ...... the waiters were very polite and helpful. The Subang Jaya branch did not offer any buffet, so we could only order the ala carte dishes.

A curvy cup .. we ordered green tea :)
All the fresh raw fish :)
Nicely arranged cutlery
Soft shell crab roll maki
Scallops miso soup ... very yummy RM 10 per bowl
Beef enoki ... beef rolled mushrooms.... very nice
We ordered avocado seafood salad ... very nice .. avocado, crab meat, salmon and lots of vegetable
Yummy fresh salmon sashimi
Both of our favorite dish - Grilled Unagi .. heavenly
My friend ordered the sesame ice cream ... very smooth
I ordered the green tea ice cream.

It was a wonderful evening .... chatting ... talking about life .. about God.

Here are the details for Rakuzen Subang Jaya

No 15, Jalan SS15/5A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
(03) 5880 4717 (03) 5880 4948


Binn said...

i freakin worked there before man!!! the services were super nice right?? haha free ice cream like for every customer man...

hope u enjoyed ur evening there and proud to be an ex=rakuzenian~!!!

nyak nyak~~

day-dreamer said...

Yummy!! I miss Jap food T_T

pilocarpine said...

*croak* *croak* hungry d..
so what's d damage? ($)