Monday, 11 May 2009

Protecting my eyes

Protecting my eyes
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Never knew the importance of a good pair of sunglasses until I bought
a pair of Ray Ban from my friend's shop in Seremban. I had started
wearing contact lens again as I got a couple pairs of monthly
disposable lens which I bought sometime back. I was never comfortable
with the Johnson&Johnsons acuvues or Bausch&lombs contact
lens......they tend to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours. I
started wearing Eyevue contact lens with 55% water content recommended
by my friend and they are so comfortable. I had worn them a whole day
and they still feel great. That is when the sunglasses came in handy
when I drove back from Seremban to USJ. The sun was glaring but
because of the sunglasses my eyes were not strained and I could see
clearly in the hot bright sun. My friend recommended a couple of funky
modern designs but I stuck to a more conventional design and the lens
are made of glass so they won't scratch so easily. So far I am using
the sunglasses regularly to protect my eyes not to mention protection from UV rays :)


Cedric Ang said...

I wear Air Optix, then couple with a Wiley-X SG-1, tactical shades with shatter proof glass :)

Cedric Ang said...

The reason why I wear Air Optix is because sometimes I feel asleep with my contacts

sbanboy said...

Cedric AngHey thanks for dropping by ... wah Air Optix and Wiley are expensive !!!! I should try better contact lens one day after I am done with the current ones that I bought.

Cedric Ang said...

Expensive meh ? I got mine for RM69

Kok Hon said...

Wah... macam terminator chinese version! Keh! Keh! Keh!

Nkw@i said...

hmm, planning to get a pair but still dont know which brand that comfortable to wear @_@

[SK] said...

cool, ray ban shades are always a classic!! yeah, i remember wearing B&L before, not comfortable and gets dry easily..

Daniel Ng said...

you look so cool with the sun glasses:-)

YANZ said...

woahh, cool shades =D
i don't know how to select sunnies for myself, tats why until now still dun have one =P

Chris said...

Long time didn;t comment here. How r u?

Yan said...

That's stylish!

For me, when you lost your vision, you know how precious are these windows to the world!

Thank and praise God - I once was blind, and now I SEE!

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Appreciate your eyes and everything around you dude. :)