Thursday, 7 May 2009

On my way to Genting

On my way to Genting
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Finally on my way to Genting. Alot of things happened today. A huge
hard fruit fell on my windscreen in the morning when my dad was
driving my car.... Good thing it was laminated security glass so the
windscreen did not shatter on my dad .... Phew so my dad and bro in
law got it fixed while I drove my sister's car to drop off my bro and
his family to catch the flight back to Bangkok. My mom's car is still
stuck in the workshop so that was why I decided to go with my parents
to Genting. It will be great to spend time with my parents. Most of
the time I will be by myself. I really hope that it will not be warm
in Genting. Brought my walking shoes and pedometer along and I want to
put them to good use.

I had a nice long chat with my mom while driving to the airport to
pick up my dad last Tuesday. It was nice. Talked about my life, work,
etc..... It was great to get a second opinion on certain matters in
life and it was good to know that I had taken the right path and made
the right decisions.

I realized that alot of things that used to have its hold over me, had
finally lost its grip. Alot of things that used to trouble me had now
stopped bothering me. I realized that God in His grace had
strengthened me and helped me to learn to let go of alot of things in
my life. His peace that transcends all understanding which the world
cannot give guards my heart and mind. Many times I am surprised that
things that used to trouble me had lost its grip over me. Learning to
let go and stop fighting actually gave me more in return.

Events in my life had taught me to treasure life. I realized that life
is so fragile and one can lose it all in an instance in a twinkling of
the eye....all can be lost. I fix my eyes on Jesus the One Who holds
my life in His hands ..... the One Who I will finally see face to face
when I finally draw my last breath here on this earth. I am just
passing by here on this place called earth.

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