Saturday, 30 May 2009

Meeting old friends

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to find some of my old friends ... and some of them found me as well .... I re-connected with friends from Canada (where I did my grade 12), India ( where I did my pre Uni and medical degree ), Malaysia ( especially my old friends from secondary schools ), USA, etc. I was overseas for about 12 years since I finished my Form Five in 1988. I got back from India in 2000. Since I got back I had just been work and working. I have lost track with so many friends. I kinda got used to being by myself ...... when I was in USA and Canada ... I spend most of the time by myself. Though in Canada, I kept myself busy with church activities and I made some great friends as well. But I wonder when I had undergone the transition into a hermit all these years... and I realized it started when I started working in 2000. Due to my work schedule I was not able to hang out so much with friends and after a while I guess we all just drifted apart. Some say coz I was negative but after much thought ..I don't think that I was negative ... I just learned to adapt and move on with my life..... no point building castles in the skies...and no point crying over spilled milk..... I have never really closed my heart to the idea of making new friends ... in fact I welcome new friendships ... and I have learned to accept that there will be differences ... different wavelengths and I can't please everyone. I used to feel bad about it ... but as I come to terms with life .... with myself ... with others .... we win some and we lose some .... that is life ... we can never have everything. I treasure whatever I have now. And as I learned to let go ..... I find contendment .... I find peace as I learn not to hold on so tightly to anything or anyone.

Since I have changed to a 8-5 job ... I find that I have the stamina and the "conscious level" to meet up with people after work ... previously I was just too zonked out .... too tired to be bothered. So recently I have already met up with 2 of my old classmates and it was great meeting up ... it was as if I have never left in the first place ... I have been away for far too long. I realized that there were some who were there for me all these while..... it was great to catch up on what had been happening in our lives. I have not met these guys for like 21 years .... wow nearly 2 decades. There were ups and downs ... joys and pains ... success and failures ......and time waits for no man ..... some of us learned to cope and some of us are just hanging on .... but it is great to know that we are there for one another.

So this Friday ... I will be meeting another old classmate for lunch during my long lunch break. Ok I gotta get ready to go back to Seremban as Kok Hon is getting married tomorrow !!!!!

Do have a great weekend guys.


Jonzz said...

Catching up with old friends is one of the best things in life. (most of the time, he he)

Tracy said...

Yupp. That's life. Time waits no man. Treasure every moment of your life. All the best.

Mike said...

Wow! I have almost the same story here! I was away in USA for 9 years and FaceBook also helped me a lot to reconnect with old friends.

Care to add me in FaceBook? You sounded like a very nice person :)

sbanboy said...

Yup it is :)

Thanks :)

Do introduce yourself and add me in Facebook then. Thansk for dropping by.