Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It is great to be home

It is great to be home
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It is great to be home. Finally all of us are together. My bro flew in
from Bangkok with his family. My sister and her family is back. Dad Is
flying in from Indonesia in re evening and I will go pick him up
later. I can finally see both my nieces together. Currently at Jusco
Seremban. Brought my bro and his family out coz they wanted to buy
diapers for their daughter. We plan to take a whole family portrait
on Wednesday. It will be awesome.

These are the precious moments in my life. It only comes once and will
not repeat itself as time waits for no man. As I reflect upon my life.
I don't regret the choices that I have made. I have made a decision
and a career change so that I have time for the thing that matters
most. I have more time for myself, my family and God. Family is a
haven of rest and comfort from the turmoil out there. No masks to
wear. Nothing to hide. Only love and acceptance. Thank God for
families. It is great to be home.


[SK] said...

it's always great to be at home, and have everyone around - love is in the air~~ :)

Tracy said...

Have a great time with your love ones. It is always great to be with them.