Saturday, 30 May 2009

Meeting old friends

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to find some of my old friends ... and some of them found me as well .... I re-connected with friends from Canada (where I did my grade 12), India ( where I did my pre Uni and medical degree ), Malaysia ( especially my old friends from secondary schools ), USA, etc. I was overseas for about 12 years since I finished my Form Five in 1988. I got back from India in 2000. Since I got back I had just been work and working. I have lost track with so many friends. I kinda got used to being by myself ...... when I was in USA and Canada ... I spend most of the time by myself. Though in Canada, I kept myself busy with church activities and I made some great friends as well. But I wonder when I had undergone the transition into a hermit all these years... and I realized it started when I started working in 2000. Due to my work schedule I was not able to hang out so much with friends and after a while I guess we all just drifted apart. Some say coz I was negative but after much thought ..I don't think that I was negative ... I just learned to adapt and move on with my life..... no point building castles in the skies...and no point crying over spilled milk..... I have never really closed my heart to the idea of making new friends ... in fact I welcome new friendships ... and I have learned to accept that there will be differences ... different wavelengths and I can't please everyone. I used to feel bad about it ... but as I come to terms with life .... with myself ... with others .... we win some and we lose some .... that is life ... we can never have everything. I treasure whatever I have now. And as I learned to let go ..... I find contendment .... I find peace as I learn not to hold on so tightly to anything or anyone.

Since I have changed to a 8-5 job ... I find that I have the stamina and the "conscious level" to meet up with people after work ... previously I was just too zonked out .... too tired to be bothered. So recently I have already met up with 2 of my old classmates and it was great meeting up ... it was as if I have never left in the first place ... I have been away for far too long. I realized that there were some who were there for me all these while..... it was great to catch up on what had been happening in our lives. I have not met these guys for like 21 years .... wow nearly 2 decades. There were ups and downs ... joys and pains ... success and failures ......and time waits for no man ..... some of us learned to cope and some of us are just hanging on .... but it is great to know that we are there for one another.

So this Friday ... I will be meeting another old classmate for lunch during my long lunch break. Ok I gotta get ready to go back to Seremban as Kok Hon is getting married tomorrow !!!!!

Do have a great weekend guys.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Time alone ......

I took this picture when I was in Tioman with my cell group a couple of months back. Actually I went to Tioman right after I got back from Bali. I like moments like this by the beach .... sitting by the beach .... watching the waves come and go .... the feel of warm sand in between my toes .... maybe I should just move to an island ... such bliss .... so carefree..... these are the moments that I treasure .. time alone to reflex ... to unwind ... to turn off the handphone .... away from the internet and the emails..... to just bask in God's creation ... to love Him and to be loved Him.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Protecting my eyes

Protecting my eyes
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Never knew the importance of a good pair of sunglasses until I bought
a pair of Ray Ban from my friend's shop in Seremban. I had started
wearing contact lens again as I got a couple pairs of monthly
disposable lens which I bought sometime back. I was never comfortable
with the Johnson&Johnsons acuvues or Bausch&lombs contact
lens......they tend to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours. I
started wearing Eyevue contact lens with 55% water content recommended
by my friend and they are so comfortable. I had worn them a whole day
and they still feel great. That is when the sunglasses came in handy
when I drove back from Seremban to USJ. The sun was glaring but
because of the sunglasses my eyes were not strained and I could see
clearly in the hot bright sun. My friend recommended a couple of funky
modern designs but I stuck to a more conventional design and the lens
are made of glass so they won't scratch so easily. So far I am using
the sunglasses regularly to protect my eyes not to mention protection from UV rays :)

Back to work

Back to work
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Finally back to work. Got up very early at about 545 am but kinda
lazed around. So here I am stuck in the jam in USJ. Looking forward to
work after a wonderful week with my family.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Time to go back

Time to go back
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Finally it is time to say good bye to Genting Highlands. I had a great
time. Really bonded with my parents and had a great time chatting with
my parents. Their words were words of wisdom and they have instilled
in me my principles in life.

It was nice knowing how the simple things in life helps to lessen a
lot of unnecessary stress and contendment in life is the way to go.
Learning to let go. I used to hold so tightly to the reins of my life.
I wanted to be in control. There are so many things and situations
which are beyond my control. Learning to let go and letting God be
the God of all of me and letting Him on the throne of my life had
taken away a lot of needless stress, headache and heartache. I thank
Him for all that happened in my life be it be good or bad and these
are the spices of life which in the end makes life worth living. We must
know sadness in order to appreciate happiness, turmoil to appreciate
peace, loss in order to appreciate companionship.

Fresh air in Genting Highlands

Stepped out of the hotel for some fresh air and it is refreshing. Even
at 2 am it is buzzing with life. It was great to spend some quality
time with my patents. I am glad that I tagged along. Coffee Bean is
packed with people. I just came for a night walk by myself. I like
times like these where I can just be quiet by myself .... it is less
complicated this way and just treasure another day to be alive.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Arrived safely in Genting

Arrived safely in Genting
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Finally arrived safely in Genting Highlands. Will be staying in Resort
Hotel. My dad had some vouchers as a birthday gift from Genting
Highlands. Yippee found Coffee Bean. Gonna be relaxing there. Hope
they have wifi.

On my way to Genting

On my way to Genting
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Finally on my way to Genting. Alot of things happened today. A huge
hard fruit fell on my windscreen in the morning when my dad was
driving my car.... Good thing it was laminated security glass so the
windscreen did not shatter on my dad .... Phew so my dad and bro in
law got it fixed while I drove my sister's car to drop off my bro and
his family to catch the flight back to Bangkok. My mom's car is still
stuck in the workshop so that was why I decided to go with my parents
to Genting. It will be great to spend time with my parents. Most of
the time I will be by myself. I really hope that it will not be warm
in Genting. Brought my walking shoes and pedometer along and I want to
put them to good use.

I had a nice long chat with my mom while driving to the airport to
pick up my dad last Tuesday. It was nice. Talked about my life, work,
etc..... It was great to get a second opinion on certain matters in
life and it was good to know that I had taken the right path and made
the right decisions.

I realized that alot of things that used to have its hold over me, had
finally lost its grip. Alot of things that used to trouble me had now
stopped bothering me. I realized that God in His grace had
strengthened me and helped me to learn to let go of alot of things in
my life. His peace that transcends all understanding which the world
cannot give guards my heart and mind. Many times I am surprised that
things that used to trouble me had lost its grip over me. Learning to
let go and stop fighting actually gave me more in return.

Events in my life had taught me to treasure life. I realized that life
is so fragile and one can lose it all in an instance in a twinkling of
the eye....all can be lost. I fix my eyes on Jesus the One Who holds
my life in His hands ..... the One Who I will finally see face to face
when I finally draw my last breath here on this earth. I am just
passing by here on this place called earth.

Time for good byes

Time for good byes
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I have never been good with good byes maybe coz I get attached to
someone fast. Today it is time to say good bye to my bro, sis in law
and my niece. Having our lunch together before they fly back to
Bangkok. Looking forward to Genting highlands later today ...... Some
quiet time for myself to relax and reflect about my life and the path to
take. Will be there till Saturday. Nice fresh air during my morning
walks and quiet time with God. To connect with my Maker and the Lover
of my soul.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

These are the special times

These are re special times
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These are the special times. The whole family went for a family
portrait and we decided to have dinner at Sushi King in Jusco. It was
great having a meal together with the 2 new adition to the family.
Both my nieces are joy bringers and we all absolutely adore them.
These are the special moments that brings a smile to my face and I
don't wanna miss any of it. The joy on my parents' face. The kids
laughter. Thank God for families.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It is great to be home

It is great to be home
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It is great to be home. Finally all of us are together. My bro flew in
from Bangkok with his family. My sister and her family is back. Dad Is
flying in from Indonesia in re evening and I will go pick him up
later. I can finally see both my nieces together. Currently at Jusco
Seremban. Brought my bro and his family out coz they wanted to buy
diapers for their daughter. We plan to take a whole family portrait
on Wednesday. It will be awesome.

These are the precious moments in my life. It only comes once and will
not repeat itself as time waits for no man. As I reflect upon my life.
I don't regret the choices that I have made. I have made a decision
and a career change so that I have time for the thing that matters
most. I have more time for myself, my family and God. Family is a
haven of rest and comfort from the turmoil out there. No masks to
wear. Nothing to hide. Only love and acceptance. Thank God for
families. It is great to be home.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Rakuzen Japanese Dinner in Subang Jaya

I had always liked the food in Rakuzen. The last time I had Rakuzen was the lunch buffet at Rakuzen branch in Chulan Square. Last week of my friends wanted to try out the newly opened Rakuzen branch in Subang Jaya. We arrived at about 730 pm and the place was already full and we had to wait awhile as we did not make any reservations. The service was great ...... the waiters were very polite and helpful. The Subang Jaya branch did not offer any buffet, so we could only order the ala carte dishes.

A curvy cup .. we ordered green tea :)
All the fresh raw fish :)
Nicely arranged cutlery
Soft shell crab roll maki
Scallops miso soup ... very yummy RM 10 per bowl
Beef enoki ... beef rolled mushrooms.... very nice
We ordered avocado seafood salad ... very nice .. avocado, crab meat, salmon and lots of vegetable
Yummy fresh salmon sashimi
Both of our favorite dish - Grilled Unagi .. heavenly
My friend ordered the sesame ice cream ... very smooth
I ordered the green tea ice cream.

It was a wonderful evening .... chatting ... talking about life .. about God.

Here are the details for Rakuzen Subang Jaya

No 15, Jalan SS15/5A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
(03) 5880 4717 (03) 5880 4948

Friday, 1 May 2009

They could not - sung by Sandy Patti

They could not - sung by Sandy Patti

They looked at Him and saw a single man
A carpenter with healing in His hands
They saw Him calm a sea and heal a dying man
They saw but could they really understand

They could not, They could not
Though they tried, they could not
He was just a simple carpenter but with healing in His hands
But could they really understand, they could not

They listened to the teaching that they heard
They wondered at the mystery of His word
They wondered what He meant, about a Father's plan
They heard but could they really understand

They could not, They could not
Though they tried, they could not
They listened to the teaching about a Father's plan
But could they really understand, they could not

So finally upon a rugged cross
They killed the man who would not suffer loss
And when at last they took what willingly He gave
He died, but could they keep Him in the grave

They could not, They could not
Praise God, they could not
And when at last they took from Him what willingly He gave
Could they keep Him in the grave, could they keep Him in the grave,
Could they keep Him in the grave...

They could not, They could not
Praise God, they could not
And when at last they took from Him what willingly He gave
Could they keep Him in the grave, could they keep Him in the grave,
Could they keep Him in the grave, They could not!!!!

This song was playing on repeat in my car for the past one week while I drove to work. It started since Easter and I have been attending SIB KL regularly. I bought the Pastors message on the Cross on audio cds. I have been listening to the message in the car while I drive to work. I accepted Christ in 1988. It has been so long ... and it is so easy to act, talk and walk like Christian. The foundation bible study classes was a great way to go back to the basics, the foundations.

The lyrics ... every single word permeated my very being .... the singer is a very anointed singer and the words sung by her was powerful and it ministered to me. Every morning while I drove to work was an hour to worship God, to love be thankful that He came into my life .. that I could hear and understand Him and let Him accept me.