Thursday, 9 April 2009

Up and down

Up and down ... life is like that ... one day we are up and the next day we can be down. What a yoyo life. Sometimes I lost track of life ..... I take each day as it comes. Reminding myself that in the end my life is God's hands. Putting my hopes on things tangible sometimes disappoint. Right now I am not sure about my future ... it is up and down...even in the place I am working right now ... I thought I had it all planned out ... what courses I will take next year .... where I wanna further my studies ( yeah some people will think that I am mad to study again after the traumatic time I had doing my masters last time where I eventually did not pass but the experiences gained was worth it ). Maybe I just need to learn contentment in whatever situation that I am in now and that I dont need to gain another title or degree ... but is it wrong to want to learn more ... to make myself better. And is failing once means that you are a failure forever. That is how the government sees us masters drop outs seems that if you have applied for masters before and did not pass .. you are blacklisted and NOT entitled for any other masters program EVENTHOUGH you want to pay for the fees yourself !!!!! When I found out about this .... my plans to study MPH next year in UMMC just caved in ... now I must figure out what I wanna do again ... maybe try to get a scholarship next year .. maybe maybe ..... the light at the end of the tunnel is flickering again but deep down in my heart .. I know that no matter what happens to me .. my life is in God's hands. Speak peace to my heart and mind, dear Lord and show me Your will and the path that I should take. Amen


Daniel Ng said...


God has control of our todays and our tomorrows. He is our provider. Although We will have good days and also bad days. Trust that He will not let us down, and that He will take care of us!

Happy Ester bro.

Twilight Zone said...

I really salute you for having the drive to study some more! I am so lazy and looking forward to retire or go for holiday. Good for you, a brilliant future is assured and God will guide you along.
Let me ask my fortune teller Anton-DK what holds your future. LOL

::. Anton ::. said...

Yup, life's ups and down does affect us bcoz of its uncertainties. Most importantly is to know how to pick ourselves up when we're down, dust off the negativities and strive on positively. The effort is all OUR OWN! Take care dude. Call me , if you think a bowl of bakuteh helps ^_^


Dr V said...

didn't know you did masters... in anaesth?

oh well.. what's done is done.

Dievi Janet said...

A salute for even thinking of going back to study..for those who've been in your shoe, its well understood that it is not easy to study while having to keep your work. Another salute for also willing to pay for your dissatisfied as it might seems with the gov policy..but just console urself that at the end of the day, the knowledge will remain yours.

Tracy said...

Don't be discouraged. God is in control all the time.