Saturday, 11 April 2009

PC Fair 2009 Here I come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got up really early today... I will be going to PC Fair 2009 today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Planning to meet a friend for breakfast and we will catch the monorail to KLCC. I wonder what temptations will arise in PC Fair 2009 !!! A tempting one is the P1 Wimax Wiggy with a free Acer One Netbook :)

Ok if you see me in PC Fair just give me a buzz.... have a great weekend guys


Twilight Zone said...

Oh thanks for reminding me but I will be there tomorrow at their closing time! That's when they simply throw away freebies!

Fable Frog said...

urgh~ i can't go!

Silly Little Prince said...

the humans there... omg...
and those odd greeting humans... WHY!!!???
so packed!!!!!!!!! urghs.
was there for like 10 minutes only.
couldn't stand it.

LAURENCE said...

i just missed one in my town~

Twilight Zone said...

This blog is Expired!

Have a good weekend!

Chen said...

did u buy anything?
i didn't go to pc fair this time...
cos... malas :P