Monday, 6 April 2009

Just got back from Penang

Just got back from Penang ... took a slow drive today after a dim sum breakfast with my buddy. Came home .. did all the laundry .... got the things ready for work tomorrow ... play the piano for a short while and it is time to hit the sack. Will post more pictures later. I always love the hawker food in Penang .. definitely a place I dont mind settling in later ... but just cant really stand the drivers though... ok good night .. over and out.


Chris said...

actually i quite like penang..

Twilight Zone said...

Penang has been ranked the 2nd BEST PLACE on earth to visit by NY Times!

sbanboy said...

Really ? I might end up settling in Penang :)

Twilight Zone
WOW Penang is the place to be !!!!