Sunday, 15 March 2009

Under the weather

I just got back from my trip to Bali and Tioman with 2 different group of friends and I must say that I had a great time. Especially bonding with the cell group in Tioman as I have just started attending SIB KL. Somehow the Love of Christ is the glue that holds and bonds us all together.

Unfortunately I have not been well since I got back from my trip. I have been coughing, having running nose, fever and frequent headaches until I had to take a day off on last Thursday. I dragged myself to work on Friday as I did not want to waste another leave just resting at home but I was so bad that my boss sent me back after lunch. I have not been this sick in a long long time ... the last was last year when I was having severe diarrhoea where I need Intravenous Drips as I was so dehydrated from all the purging. Was really so tired and weak that I ended up missing the Cell group meeting and church this morning. I hope to recover soon. Do pray for me.

I have a lot of photos to share from my 2 trips ..... and they have left a sweet memory spot for me in my heart always. In the meantime ... I will try to recover soon. Been popping in medications and supplements like nobody's business.


TZ said...

Bro... take care eh! ... seems like lots of people having coughing including me... :(

Anyway, looking forward for your trip photo :)

YANZ said...

heyyy... get well soon =D

hope to see some pics of ur tioman trip soon =P
I'm thinking of going on an island trip also this year, haven't decided where yet, tho'!