Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Should I ???????????

Should I ? Should I ? Since I was off today I was able to have long chat with a sales person at Switch Gurney Plaza .. oh yeah I am in Penang for a week .. I am attending a seminar from Wed to Friday at Berjaya Hotel. I am now in Starbucks.

Well according to that guy ... the iphone is telco unlocked so I can use it for Digi, Celcom or Maxis .... cool ..... but the packages are quite expensive. Nowadays I only spend about 50-80 bucks a month on my Digi phone bills .. I dont call or sms as much nowadays.

Hmmm should I ? Hands very itchy now for the iphone 3G .... what spell has Apple put on me ???? Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Taken at Starbucks Borders. Found a nice spot to charge my macbook and surf the net.

Have a great week guys.


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

iPhone is a pretty phone for sure. But I wouldn't say it's a practical phone. Depends on what you want lo.

*Anton* said...

You should, you should ......get one for me! :P


Daniel Ng said...

I am asking myself the same question and my hand itching like you also....

Should I? Should I? (scratching my head)

Have a great week too, bro.

[SK] said...

hmmm, i think that plan is still very expensive..

Chris said...

i heard my frens said ipohne got a lot of problems.

Medie007 said...

wasn't encouraged to get iPhone myself. am eyeing for blackberry though. :P

for a while i was like, OMG, you would be there too!? am going to berjaya for conference from wed till sat too, but in times square kl la. haha

Kok Hon said...

Go for it! Free upgrades coming in June!

Gallivanter said...

It could be nice to look at, but it's not a practical gadget, so it's entirely up to you, what tickles your fancy...


Fable Frog said...

hmmm maybe wait for awhile more~ till they have better package? I'm sure in 2 months time you can get it cheaper~ or without any plan/packages even~

sbanboy said...

Apple has put a spell on me :)

Oppss can only afford one ..hehe

daniel ng
So did u ????? U think if we both go ask for iphone .. we will get a better deal ????

Yeah the plans are kinda expensive. That was one of the reasons why I left Maxis 2 yrs ago .. now is there anyone who is a maxis user and does not want the iphone .. give me a buzz :)

Is it ah ????

But love is blind .. hehe

Blackberry also nice ah .. depends on what you want ..hehe

WAh I also thought u were here until I finish reading it ... so when wanna go makan .. just give me a buzz.

kok hon
Faintz !!!!! you should be telling me to go in for rehad from mac addiction

hey man .. thanks for dropping by

I think it is lust for iphone

Hmmm I shud wait but I want it now .. man an inner struggle inside of me ... tug of war !!!!

fibrate said...

Go for it! I'd definitely get one the day it can run more medical apps

Mike said...

I'm using one that I bought from Singapore. It has been 4 months already. It's a cool gadget but I think it's just an "ok-onli phone". Maybe the coming 3.0 upgrade will make it better.

I use a Mac too and I love the way the Calendar entries and Contacts sync with Mac together with the group.

There are plenty of applications that works well on both Mac and iPhone. I use Evernote and Things on both Mac and iPhone.

If you can wait, then wait till June. If not... you know what to do :D

sbanboy said...

I am using my friend's iphone now .. just trying out.

Wow thanks for the tip..will give it a try :)