Tuesday, 24 March 2009

More of Bali.... more scenery shots for FableFrog

This time I will post up more pictures of scenery as requested by Fable Frog who is recovering now at home. I pray that he gets well soon.

So I will skip to some scenery shots. These pictures were taken on Day 2 when we went for a half day tour to some beaches and Uluwate Monkey Temple.

We traveled in a very nice and comfortable Suzuki APV. The ride was not bumpy and the air con was super cool. I was shivering most of the time since I was sitting in the front seat.
The driver first brought us to Dreamland Beach ... there was NOTHING "dreamy" about it. It was still not fully developed yet and most of the tourist who walked past us told us that they regretted coming to this beach. Well since we reached, I thought I will just go take a few pictures of the beach. It was super HOT and I can feel the sun rays reaching my bones !!!! Good thing I applied lots of sunblock.
The beach ... quite empty
Nice waves but I dont see alot of people on the beach...it was just too hot at that moment .. it was about 330 pm
Some stairs leading to unfinished construction.

After taking the photos, we head over to Uluwatu, the Monkey Temple.
Breathtaking sight !!!! I did not take a lot scenery pictures as I was concentrating more on taking pre wedding photographs for my friends Kok Hon and Boon Ping .. more on them later .. there will be a post just on the photos I took of them.
I like the take shots like these ... in pairs or in threes ... showing the first one clear while the rest will be blurred out ... it gives a sense continuity.
Nowadays I like to add in some people element .... opsss I think this monkey got in the way :)
Here you go ... nothing like a beautiful woman being part of the scene :)
Bali is full of amazing structures and scenery.
Top of the hill where the temple is .... it was just too crowded with people on top.
The love bird again.
After Uluwatu .... we went over to Jimbaran Beach for our sunset seafood dinner.
A lot of tables laid out in the beach .... people came early to watch the sunset.

Lovely sunset thought it was a bit cloudy.

More pictures to come after I sort it. This trip .. I took more pictures of my friends instead of the scenery. I plan to go again one day .... a photography trip ... just to soak in the culture and beauty of Bali and to capture.


day-dreamer said...

Nice scenery...

Fable Frog said...

ah~ it's a pre-wedding photoshoot trip~! now that explains... ;)

sbanboy said...

Thanks :)

fable frog
Yeah loh one of the reasons for the Bali trip ..hehe

Eh can take ur pictures ah ???

Twilight Zone said...

Haaah! Finally I get to see the Bali scenes. I had dinner at the Jimbaran Beach too. Was it the spot where you see areoplanes taking off? I never visited the other beach and monkey temple. More photos please, quick!

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Nice. Hope I can pay a visit someday. Kinda shame to tell ppl tat I never been to Bali nowadays.

pilocarpine said...

u must really go Kintamani..

Chris said...

tahnx 4 ur comments in my blog. how r u?

Daniel Ng said...

Wow! this's beautiful! love all the photos.....the sunset seafood dinner are so romantic.

It is not an exaggeration to said Bali is just like heaven.

sbanboy said...

twilight zone
More photos coming up soon :)

keen yee
Nothing to be ashamed about ... hehe .. now with AirAsia everybody can fly !!!! We go one day loh ok ?

Kintamani pictures coming up soon :)

HEy hi ... yeah I took a long break .. been through a rough patch but I am ok now .. thanks for dropping by :)

daniel ng
Yup Bali is heavenly ... I will go there again someday :)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! sbanboy...whoaaahhhh...nice shots! you must have a great time in Bali...;-)