Thursday, 26 March 2009

More more Bali !!!!

More of Bali pictures ..... the 3rd day in Bali we took the one day tour. Initially they brought us to the handicraft centers ... for batik and silverware
Delicate work with full concentration
The mould for the designs
Hand painted
Soldering fine silver.
A huge work force

The polishing which makes the silver shines ... lovely
Next we took a slow drive to Kintamani ... soaking in the culture and beauty of the rural areas. There were a lot handi craft places along the way.
Finally reached Kintamani .... the volcano is still ALIVE !!!! and can erupt anytime. Erm I did not drink that Heineken ... I included it in the picture to add some element.
The glorious Kintamani
There was was this restaurant where you can have your meal and soak in the beautiful scenery. But it was kinda expensive so we walked around for a cheaper alternative.

Finally found a place where the food was cheaper and yummy.

Erm can remember the name if this fruit but some of my friends really liked was given free by the waiter ... GRATIS
After Kintamani .... we went to Ubud to look at more handicrafts and clothings at the market .... have to bargain or else the prices will be sky high.


Daniel Ng said...

Actually I kind of like the photo with the Heineken bottle, very nice! Heineken should use this photo for their advertisement:)

TZ said...

I went to the restaurant too that have a very nice view ... :)

*Anton* said...

Yup, that restaurant offered nice views, but lousy cold food at exhorbitant prices.


[SK] said...

i love the photo of that beer over kintamani.. what a feeling~~

Fable Frog said...

Mount Batur is just too beautiful~

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

I think I've seen that food before in Sabah. Weird skin it has, like a snake. :)