Monday, 23 March 2009

Bali Day One - continued

After we checked into the hotel .. we were famished. We decided to go out and look for lunch. We asked around for a cheaper alternative than all the tourist spots and found out that there is place where the local people go to .. Warong Indonesia.
I wonder how she managed to balance that box over her head and still look so graceful ... so I could not help but snap a few pictures of her :)
She gave me a smile and carried on her way.
This restaurant ... was about 5-8 mins walk from Dua Dara Hotel. A simple lay out ... tables and benches.
It was located in a small alley.
Kok Hon enjoying the Avocado Drink.
I really like the avocado drink laced with chocolate .. YUMMY !!!!! A definite must have when u go to Bali.
Drink avocoda not enough and then he also wanted his fiance's orange juice !!!!!
One or 2 not enough ... HE WANTED ALL 3 drinks !!!!!!!! Drink until sweating plus plus ... haha
Boon Ping, Kok Hon's fiance.
I ordered the seafood fried rice ... It looks really yummy !!!! But to be honest .... erm it was not tasty at all ... so after this lunch .. we avoided this place.

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Kok Hon said...

Great photos! The colours are great.

And thanks for 'placing me on the stage' :D