Friday, 13 February 2009

To continue or not ??

I have not been updating my blog frequently. Sometimes I wonder if I should continue this blog or not... is it time to pull the plug? Who wants to read it anyway? I dont get as much hits or comments as others. I have met some nice people through this blog ... some lasted ... some died off ...some felt they knew me from reading my blog ..... but most were too busy with their own lives....... some people when we finally met ... was so different from the way they project themselves in the blog.

I have been hurt, promises made which were broken, rejected, ignored ... I still dont understand how some people can just say things and dont mean it. To me .. "words without actions is dead" I have been hurt too many times by empty promises ... some say we will be best friends ... you mean so much to me etc ...but their actions tell another story. I used to forgive and forget and keep giving chances as I treasure friendships but over the years I realised that I could not go on living like this .... felt used and taken for granted. So I learn to move on .... to let bygones be bygones and just build walls around my heart ... to be stronger .. more resillient.


Cytusm said...

Hey, I am still your silent blog follower. Guess, you should break away all the walls instead and let us all love you.

day-dreamer said...

To continue or not? Try to ask yourself, what are your blogging objectives? To relieve yourself? To gain popularity? To ...?

If you are not writing for money or for publicity then low traffic shouldn't be a problem to you, although I understand the lack of comments sometimes deter the spirit of updating.

I've learnt that in this realistic world, you can't expect people to be like how you expect them to be. Sometimes some people are just made like that. I think we just have to get used to this fact. To those who have hurt you badly, just let it go slowly (I know this is hard; I'm trying as well). It hurts even more when you hug the issue and wouldn't let go.

I don't mean to offend by this comment. Stay strong, sbanboy! We can make it.

fibrate said...

Hey Wymen, do keep blogging. I believe you do have your niche readers.

p.s. I really enjoy your food posts!

Twilight Zone said...

Hello bradder, cheer up man. You are not the only one who posted this grievances before. If I were you, I would post every inch about the hospital's daily operations. So many patients, horny nurses and cute doctors around.

Twilight Zone said...

Happy Valentine's Day Dude!

Brian Chang said...

I thought blogging suppose to be u and urself?

If getting hits and readers is so important, maybe it is the best to end it IMMEDIATELY

sbanboy said...

Too many walls built up over the years. I know u r reading ... and it is never about how many hits or readers I get.

Hey thanks for the advice. It is never about popularity.... and it was always meant to be a record of my journey. I am sure u know by now since u have been following my blog. It was just a few bad relationships. I just needed to let out some steam.

Yeah u r right ... time to let go and move on.

It is not the number of readers .... I was just going thru a few bad relationships .... and yes more food pictures coming up !

twilight zone
Erm I dont usually blog about work ... hehe

Happy belated Valentine's day to u too.

Ling's Family said...

Happy belated CNY and Valentine's.
Keep on writing because it is not about how many people read your blog but those that are touched by what you wrote and post. It is good to read how you are doing at the same time.

God Bless


YANZ said...

nooo, please keep blogging!
I still read ur blog quite regularly and enjoy seeing all the places you've traveled through your eyes =)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Nobody commented doesn't mean nobody follow your blog dude. I would say...keep it on man.

sbanboy said...

Brian Chang
Thanks for dropping by.

Hey long time no see or hear.... glad to know that u r keeping well and thanks for dropping by

Thanks :D ... I should start putting up my India trip photos :D

When we gonna go yamcha ?

Robin said...

i blog for myself..


-kar- said...

Just continue la... there are still a lot of silent readers...