Thursday, 19 February 2009

My first accident in KL

I have been driving in KL for a couple of years now and so far I have not been in any accident before..... well there is always a first time for everything. I had my first accident in KL last Tuesday while driving back home from a FranklinCovey workshop. I was driving in the middle lane in Federal Highway just past PJ Hilton Hotel on my left... it was a 5 pm crowd and everyone was driving slowly. The traffic came to stop. I stretched out ... saw that the Nissan pickup truck behind me also stopped.... and in a split second I heard a loud bang from behind ..... I still could not believe that I was involved until I got out of my car .... it seems that a 3rd pickup truck was driving quite fast and lost control of his brakes and slammed into the pickup truck behind me which slammed into me. Good thing both of us had our hand brakes on or else I will crash into the car in front of me. Anyway managed to settle the police report in a couple of hours.

My back, neck and shoulders were hurting badly and it got worse the next day. Currently on medical leave and resting at home. I was glad that my brother in law was also at Federal Highway and having him around was a great help and support. I thank God for His protection and that no one was hurt seriously.


MiChi said...

Oh no i was shocked to hear about your crash. I also had similar 3-vehicle crash last year and I was in the middle. I hope you will recover soon.

CP Waterman said...

What a shock! Thank God u are OK. Do rest well to recover. My friend's father broke his neck & died after a pick up truck slammed his car from behind at the Tapah toll.

By the way you simply amazed me with your Christmas song. You have a rare gift of praise & worship voice that no doubt will minister to countless of hearts out there. You have a singing evangelist inside you!

TZ said...

Dude, sorry to hear that u have an accident ... glad that u are not hurt ... get well soon eh!...

day-dreamer said...

Oh no! Thankfully you are not seriously hurt! Get well soon ya! ;)

YANZ said...

ouch! sorry to hear that you got into an accident. Thank God for His protection. Get well soon yeah! =D

Twilight Zone said...

Hey dude, if you need a male nurse, call me ok. Get well soon.

sbanboy said...

Thanks for dropping by. Yup much better but still have that lingering ache

CP Waterman
God is good. I am praying that I can settle down in my current church and start serving...very excited at what God is doing.

Thanks my friend

day dreamer
Thanks alot .. am better

Yes God is so good all the time :D

twilight zone
Wah thanks for the offer :D

Robin said...

oh dear,

careful and get some physio help.

and have a break, u deserve it.

take care, my friend