Thursday, 19 February 2009

My first accident in KL

I have been driving in KL for a couple of years now and so far I have not been in any accident before..... well there is always a first time for everything. I had my first accident in KL last Tuesday while driving back home from a FranklinCovey workshop. I was driving in the middle lane in Federal Highway just past PJ Hilton Hotel on my left... it was a 5 pm crowd and everyone was driving slowly. The traffic came to stop. I stretched out ... saw that the Nissan pickup truck behind me also stopped.... and in a split second I heard a loud bang from behind ..... I still could not believe that I was involved until I got out of my car .... it seems that a 3rd pickup truck was driving quite fast and lost control of his brakes and slammed into the pickup truck behind me which slammed into me. Good thing both of us had our hand brakes on or else I will crash into the car in front of me. Anyway managed to settle the police report in a couple of hours.

My back, neck and shoulders were hurting badly and it got worse the next day. Currently on medical leave and resting at home. I was glad that my brother in law was also at Federal Highway and having him around was a great help and support. I thank God for His protection and that no one was hurt seriously.

Friday, 13 February 2009

To continue or not ??

I have not been updating my blog frequently. Sometimes I wonder if I should continue this blog or not... is it time to pull the plug? Who wants to read it anyway? I dont get as much hits or comments as others. I have met some nice people through this blog ... some lasted ... some died off ...some felt they knew me from reading my blog ..... but most were too busy with their own lives....... some people when we finally met ... was so different from the way they project themselves in the blog.

I have been hurt, promises made which were broken, rejected, ignored ... I still dont understand how some people can just say things and dont mean it. To me .. "words without actions is dead" I have been hurt too many times by empty promises ... some say we will be best friends ... you mean so much to me etc ...but their actions tell another story. I used to forgive and forget and keep giving chances as I treasure friendships but over the years I realised that I could not go on living like this .... felt used and taken for granted. So I learn to move on .... to let bygones be bygones and just build walls around my heart ... to be stronger .. more resillient.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Finally the song I sang for Christmas presentation

Hi guys .... my friend Kok Hon finally edited the song I sang for Christmas - You raise me up. I like what he has done with the video ... along with the lyrics of the song in english and chinese. Hope you like it.