Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hoong Foong Dim sum at USJ 22

I managed to meet up with a close friend, Chen for breakfast before dropping her off to the airport on Saturday. She has a blog here and she is very popular in the blogsphere.

We decided to have dim sum at Hoong Foong restaurant at USJ 22. It was one of the popular dim sum places in USJ is usually packed on the weekends.

Chen and me had not met for a long time and it was nice to have a fellow buddy who also takes pictures for her blog .. so both of us whipped out our cameras ( incidentally we both bought the same camera .. FujiFilm F100FD ) and started taking pictures of the food.

It was great to meet up with a friend and just chat about old times and enjoy a good meal together. Yes it is great to be alive .. to wake up in the morning for a brand new day.

Dim sum with minced meat and prawns ... YUMMY !!!!!


day-dreamer said...

I love lor bak gou! Hehe.

And congrats on the new bundle of joy! :)

sbanboy said...

Thanks :D

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

You know what, I'm happy to see you packed with these kind of events, instead of looking at Starcraft. Well done my friend.

Victor Kiu said...

Dim SUm??? Aw.. 1hour to go for lunch.. Need to suffer again

*Anton* said...

Please take me there soon ya?


Twilight Zone said...

Oh that is your territory! Must go over there for meals next time. I miss the biggest Roti Paper there, so yummy & crunchy.

Chris said...

。Hmm.. i like dim sum..

Chen said...

Nice meeting up with u too, Wymen and thanks for yr hospitality. :)

Err, I'm not popular in the blogsphere leh :D

Dr Ng mentioned she is happy that both of us still keep in touch and met up. She mentioned the next time I go to KL, she wanna have a meet up session together with u too :)