Thursday, 8 January 2009

Break record !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wah today I broke a record !!!! IT TOOK ME 2 AND A HALF HOURS to get to work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man it was so nice when it was the school holidays but now it takes forever to reach work if I am out of my apartment late by 5 minutes !!!!

Good thing the air cond and the music was nice in the car. The jam was so bad that I was able to play my nintendo ds ! We were practically crawling !


day-dreamer said...

LOL~ the first week of school reopening will be like that.

Hope your sister have a safe delivery. :)

Twilight Zone said...

The whole week was okay and I agree today's jam was the worst like snails having a fiesta parade! Yoohoo!

Chris said...

I will mad if i stuck in the terrible jam.. patience all lost,.

Altantuya Feels said...

gosh!! this is why i dun like to drive~

Anonymous said...

LOL! that's why I skipped work, on first day of school, every year...

sbanboy said...

yeah loh must take leave on the first day of school..hehe

twilight zone
The jam was horrible

That is why I play soothing music in my car ... or else I will go crazy

hehe ... I wish the public tranport was better ... I like driving coz I have the freedom

Hehe ... I shud do that as well :D