Monday, 1 December 2008

A few updates

Just a few updates on what is going on in my life.

1. My walk with God

The India mission had left an impression in my life and it was during that trip that God spoke to me about many areas in my life ... things that I had swept under the rug ..things which I had been running away from ... He managed to corner me and help me decide on certain things in my life .. reassuring me that He will give me the strength and the grace to face it. He told me that He will never leave me nor forsake me and He will never ever let me go through more than I can handle.

A few issues ( let it out in the open so that I am accountable )

A. Tithing

I had always been thinking of doing it regularly but I kept pushing it aside. I used to tithe regularly when I was still in the music ministry and in Seremban. When I came over to KL with the increase in expenses .... etc ( see I am giving myself excuses again ) .. so my tithing became irregular and there were months I did not tithe but still the still small voice keep nudging at my heart.

This is the verse He kept reminding me :

Malachi 3:10 (Amplified Bible)

10Bring all the tithes (the whole tenth of your income) into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and prove Me now by it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

So once again, I asked Him for strength to carry on giving tithing and last Sunday, I made sure I gave my tithes.

B. His Word

I have been a Christian for 20 yrs now .... and I realized that I am lacking in one area ... it was a solid foundation in the bible. Yes I know the verses ... I can quote a few bible verses from memory but I dont know all the background history ... I dont know the Greek/Hebrew origin. My church has always been very solid in teaching of the Word of God and both of my Senior Pastors take the trouble to dig into the Word of God and prepared their sermons for the church on Sat/Sun. That was the conviction that God nudged into heart ... so when I got back from India, I asked my pastor for recommendations on what materials to get ... so I bought a NJKV study bible and a Woods Bible Commentary book

C. Serving God

I only truly feel alive when I am serving God and do His work. So I am still praying that somehow I will be able to find a church here in KL where I can call my home church as I still go back to Seremban whenever I can as there is where I know that I belong.

2. Macbook

I am still trying to set up my macbook ... in the process of installing the programs etc therefore still not able to edit my photos .... and they keep piling up coz I keep taking photos ... :) Still have lots of India photos to share. But I was able to get World Of Warcraft (WOW) installed and updated .. so I have been doing some major leveling up with some friends ... currently level 45 Shadow Priest.

3. Health

I have been taking the supplements by USANA regularly and I can say that I dont get tired that easily now but of course it cant replace the hours lost staying up to play WOW. I am learning to slowly unlearn the bad habits that I have accumulated over the years since I started work .. junk food, snacks, etc. I am still trying to jump start my salad thingy. My weight still remains the same and I feel the strain on my joints but I dont want a too drastic weight loss. I am cutting down on my portion during meals. More frequent smaller meals. I need to learn how to cook for myself as I am usually eating out ... since I am staying alone .... kinda lazy to cook.

4. Photography

I am still snapping away with my Finepix F100Fd though my Canon 350D is collecting dust and hopefully not getting fungified .... I will be doing a photoshoot of Fable Frog one day. I am looking forward to it as he is someone who is very creative and he is a natural model.

I am also looking forward to doing a pre wedding photoshoot for my best buddy in Bali next year in March. I have already taken some photos in India and I have already obtained their permission to share some of the photos in my blog later :)

So here are just a few updates on what is happening in my life ..... hopefully get my macbook settled and I can start posting photos again :)

Take k and have a great day

Cheers !


Fable Frog said...

pre wedding in Bali should be wonderful and can't wait to see the india photos~ :P

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

It'a always great to hear updates from you, and knowing you're having a great life there.
Would love to see more photos taken in India though. Take good care.

sbanboy said...

Fable Frog
Yup will put up a few once I get my macbook sorted out :) or I can show when we meet up for the photoshoot :)

Hey thanks for reading my blog. I try to make the most of what I have ... and live life to the fullest.

Yup the pics will be up after I get my macbook sorted out :)

*Anton* said...

I feel the same at times, even more so when a simple meal at a sidewalk stall often has 4-5 ppl asking for donations of various reasons. Just give what i can, less when i dun have much & more when i have a windfall. Good to have God as a guide, but we reap is based on our own efforts.

Thanks for the reminder ^_^


Bengbeng said...

same here..i want to see more of the India pics.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

You are welcome. I'm always around. :)