Sunday, 7 December 2008

Diiner with Anton and Keen

I finally managed to set up my desktop and do some photo editting. Keen already posted some pictures on his blog. I met Anton and Keen dinner at Shabu Shabu last Thursday and it was great meeting them. Yes I was with my camera again but I did not bring my dslr.

Keen was quite at first but eventually he warmed and started talking more. While Anton and me had spoken on the phone before so it was like meeting an old friend for dinner.

Keen Yee .... the shy guy :)
The 3 of us ... the waiter helped us to snap this picture.
Yummy food at Shabu Shabu

It was great meeting them and hope to hang out more often. We were cracking so many jokes and laughing so much that my cheek hurt :)


Bengbeng said...

they look very nice. i can imagine yr cheeks hurting :)

TZ said...

Sad sad ... TZ being left out :p

*Anton* said...

Glad to have met up with both of you though I wuz pretty stressed out that day. More laughters and good times coming our way then, I promise! ^_^

Have a fantabulous week ahead Doc!


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said... you're calling me the "shy guy". I'll make you the shy guy next time.

sbanboy said...

The food was good and the company was great

Hmmmm sad of being left out ? Well you have been having your share of meeting up with the other bloggers what.

Stressed out ? why leh ? it was like meeting old friend :)

Shy guy in a good sense :P

*Anton* said...

Stressed out not bcoz of you guys , but bcoz of my clients. :)

You guys were the remedy.