Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A cold place

I can work anywhere ... I don't mind the long hours and the extra work etc but one thing that really gets to me is the interpersonal relationship. I feel the new place I am working in is such a cold place. There are some who just walk pass you as if you are transparent. I greet them but they just walk past me and these are people who I did not have any dealings in the past so there should not be any past grievances. I don't feel a sense of teamwork or belonging over here. Each of us just mind our own business. I don't even know any of them who are in a room locked up with a security code ... we are in the same unit but in different departments but on the same floor.

When it comes to lunch time, I step out of my room and everyone is missing. I have been here about 3 months and yet I still struggle to find someone to have lunch with even though I have regular lunch hours now. So I am planning to pack lunch and just stay back and catch up on my reading and maybe I can close the window and do some crunches to tone up a bit.

Well that is my new place ... yeah great working hours but no sense of belonging or teamwork. I might get transferred to another unit as well. Oh well I have been through in life so far now ... nothing I can't handle as life never turns out the way you want to.


Fable Frog said...

a cold work place is really terrible. maybe the transfer to another unit would be better?

TZ said...

Dude, I tot the Morgue HKL is a cold and scary place but the place you work is also so cold... sigh! BTW, you have a room by yourself in your office... got sexytary or not? errrr... just teasing you. ;-)

sbanboy said...

fable frog
Yeah maybe but for now my place is hear to learn as much as I can.

I got a room full of files etc :)

*Anton* said...

They are cold peeps, or just plain serious due to the work nature at the place? I've rather thick-skin coz I'll playfully catch their notice with a louder greeting till I get a satisfactory response. I usually find that things warm up after that, unless your colleagues are serious bitches! wakakaka


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Instead of waiting for invitation, why don't you start inviting people for lunch together? Try this someday and I'm sure they are more than happy to go for lunch together with you. You are such a nice person.

Twilight Zone said...

You got to instal ice-breaker and get warm with everyone. By the time they know you, you might miss all the privacy you had. You are just like a hidden jewel yet to be discovered and polished.

sbanboy said...

There will be a few selected few who are still very hard headed .. I have done my share of greeting and trying to break the ice.

I usually make the first move bro and make the invitation

Twilight Zone
thanks :)