Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Presentation at Terminal One Seremban

There will be a Christmas Presentation by my church in Terminal One shopping Centre in Seremban. I will update further with the right time for the show. Do drop by if you are in Seremban as it is a short drama and I will be singing a solo .. "You raise me up" sung by Josh Groban. I will be wearing my India outfit .. "kurta" which I bought from Asansol, India.

How time flies ... it is already the last month in the year 2008 and just another 2 weeks we will be in 2009. I have been swamped with work and meetings. I did not realized that there are so many meetings to attend. I hope that I will get over my "narcolepsy" soon during meetings or I will need to bring a pin along to prick myself so that I can stay awake during the meetings.

I have been thinking about my life .... I usually do that a lot when it is nearing the end of the current year ... I see how far I have come in my life .. how I have progressed ... have I improved or deteriorated ( health wise I think I still have a long way to go but I am getting there ) .... I also realized that I have a lot of new friends ... people who can become great and lifetime friends in the long run... I just need to reach out and get out of my shell.

I am really looking forward to Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus because He is the reason for the season. There is no life apart from Him.

UPDATE : The show will be on 22nd December 2008 ( Monday ) at 630 pm. Hope to see you guys there.


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

I love that song. Please share the video if you happen to record it. :)

Fable Frog said...

ya i'll try to be there~ :P

TZ said...

when is the show? I will try to make a trip down to Seremban :)

sbanboy said...

I will try to see the church is gonna record the video or not.

fable frog
Great .... we can go yam cha after the show

Bahija said...

Hi Hi , this friday 19/12 7:30 pm, there is an outreach christmas dinner at my cell member's house , USJ 2 , opposite Summit USJ. I am inviting you and TZ to go. Can you make it ? it'll be great to share this real christmas celebration with our friends... do let TZ know asap, thanks ...

Victor Kiu said...

I hope i could be there.. Haha, Too far from my hometown..

Medie007 said...

ooo cool!
wished there's a chance to be there too.
wait... yeah, i don't think i will be going to seremban. unless someone's doing a road trip. ahahaha

*Anton* said...

Yea, the shell is too small, come out more often with us la, we'll make it worth your while.

Please give me a private recital yea. ^_^


fibrate said...

Would love to drop by (to hear you sing!) but I've got a farewell dinner to attend :(

Chris said...

So fast,.... X'mas is coming... Seremban, bit far from my place..

sbanboy said...

I will need to do a rain check on that ... will liaise with TZ if I am tagging along. Thanks for the invite.

Victor Kiu
Now Airasia got zero fare mah .. :)

Thanks for the thought though

TZ is always game for a road trip

The shell though small is hard to crack :)

Wah sing for you ah ? see how loh

If you cant make it on Monday, u can come to Alson Kelana on 25th Dec for our Christmas celebration at 930 am.


Bahija said...

have a great performance....my so called driver aka TZ decided not to carpool me to Seremban, else I would be able to hear you singing :)

sbanboy said...

Heard you want to car pool Bahija woh ?

Hey thanks for the thought ... hopefully there is a video or audio recording which I can upload here.

Yeah time really flies

No worries .. let me kick TZ when I see him.

Nkw@i said...

wee......congratz congratz....nervous boh?
hehe, sorry, cannot go there and watch your presentation...cause working on that day :(

sbanboy said...

No worries .. already kow tim and it went well :P