Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A reminder to myself

I like going through my old posts to remind myself of how far I have come in my life ... and also a reminder of how faithful God is to me.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and made some new blogger friends .... and it amazes me how creative they are. Some can really pour their heart out in words. Some can take breathtaking photos of nature, things and themselves...amazing. Some are very creative with photoshop ( I only know how to do the sharpness, levels, resize and put my watermark). Some can really cheer others up with their candid post. Some are very imaginative and very descriptive. Some can blog about anything under the sun. Some just ramble. And I realize that I am not one of them ... I can never blog like them ... I was telling Twilight Zone that I should stop blogging as I felt that I had nothing much to share .... I was not up to par with the others. I don't get many hits and I don't get many comments.

After going through my old posts ... I was reminded again why I started this blog at the first place. I realized that this is me .. take it or leave it and that I should never compare myself with the other bloggers as all of us are special and unique and we each have our own stories to tell. So I will be myself and remain true to why I started blogging at the first place. It is a reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness to me because I tend to forget sometimes how far He has walked with me in this journey called LIFE.

Thanks for visting me and dropping a line or two. And thanks to my silent readers as well .... do drop a line or two so that I can get to know you too.

From my previous post in 2005

Why do I blog ?

Hmmm was thinking about this question the whole day.... I was reminded why I blogged ... I started off wanted to tell of the goodness of God in my life ... yes in all my imperfection He loves me so unconditionally.

Oh my wandering heart .... so easy to stray from Him ... from the One person Who alone can fill the void/emptiness in me ... but yet I sometimes go around looking for substitutes to fill that aching void inside ... that is what I realise as I started reading other blogs .... all of us hurt and all of us have an emptiness within which need to be filled ..... we try to fill it with many things (alcohol, drugs, sex, chocolates, whatever to numb the pain) and yet we are not satisfied .... yeah we go looking for the next "fix" ...

We all want to be loved and to love and we will do whatever to get that sometimes ... I have done it too ... made a fool of myself ... a fool for love ... just to belong ... just to feel wanted ..... little did I know that I needed to realise that I belong to God ... and that I need not jump around and do things to win His heart as He already loves me anyway ... and that assurance gave me to peace to start loving myself and this enable me to love others with no string attached .... yeah He gives abundantly....

Yes it hurts ... life hurts ...... love hurts ..... when we make ourselves vulnerable to others ... we get hurt .... but hurt we must if we are ever to truly appreciate love ... yes we all need to go through it .... in the end do we want to continue to love and get hurt or shut the whole world out and keep to ourselves .... no man is an island and we all know that and feel that .... I am single and there are times I feel really lonely ... due the nature of my work ... when I am free .. my friends are not .. when I am working ... my friends are free .... and I work also during public holidays ... but life goes on ... yes the world still spins round and round.....

Well back to the reason why I blog... I am very forgetful and when I go through hard times I sometimes forget that God had brought me through so much in life. And this blog is a reminder to me about how far I have come in life ... yes still a long way to go ... unless some mishap occur in my life ... duh .... yes it is a reminder to me that whatever hard times or trials or headache or obstacles .... I will finally get throught it someday .... like after winter there is always spring ... yes there is always light at the end of the tunnel ... therefore I will continue to blog to remind myself to move on with life and not lose heart at setbacks because tomorrow is a new day and there is always hope when I dont give up ...... Life is meant to be lived to the fullest with it sweetness and bitterness ... and in the end I will emerge stronger ... and wiser ... hopefully .... so come let's walk together, you are not alone ... I am your fellow traveler ....


Kit said...

perhaps that is why we all blog. so that we leave a breadcrumb trail of our journey.

and although our daily entries may not seem like much, they do, after a period of time, show us a part of the bigger picture that is us. i really enjoy going through your writing. keep it up.

TZ said...

Thanks for the lunch... a simple and enjoyable lunch that i have ... we know each other via blog :-)

*Anton* aka BCT said...

Hi , hope you are fine. :)

We all blog for different reasons. Some to disseminate info whilst others do it just as Kit said. I myself started as an electronic diary on my views of the current events and subjects that were close to my heart, to look back when i'm old to hv some memories to fall back on. :)

I enjoy your writing....keeping it simple & very real. Please do write about yr relationship with God, it'll bring out the best in you & be a reading pleasure for all of us.Thanks for sharing! :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Lovely. Just be yourself and stop comparing with others as every individual are unique. Cheer up my friend.

sbanboy said...

Thanks for dropping by and appreciate it ... will keep on writing

It was great to catch up

Appreciate the comment and God is the reason why I am here and I will continue to write about my walk and relationship with God.

thanks buddy

Bengbeng said...

Astonished to read this post. Yrs is one of my fav blogs although lately yr pedestal is shaking :) as Yan is on holiday n talking nine to the dozen n posting great pics.

you are true to yrself. that is the way a personal blog is meant to be.

i wish i could write the way you do..with depth. Have you noticed I have to prop up my posts with pics or it will be become kang kor or empty vessel?

Bengbeng said...

every body is getting a free meal except me *sob sob* said...

everyone are unique. Please do write your blog continuously. I like your pictures, writing...and I wonder your relationship with God.

P/S:I'm not a christian...

bongkersz said...

I am new to this blog. You have so many entries to read!!

We all blog with our own intention, be it fame, hits, social networking or personal safisfaction. Sure, if we expect feedbacks from people, we will despair over the hits and comments we received.

Anyway I think most of us started blogging with not much expectations, but just rambling away.. so if we get many comments and good hits, that's a bonus, if not, nothing to worry much. I rank personal satisfaction, pouring my heart out in my writings (ceh!) is worth more than getting how many hits or comments :)

Keep the good stuffs coming, bro!

sbanboy said...

thanks big bro and I will take for makan when u are in KL loh :)

Thanks for reading :) I will continue to blog :)

thanks for dropping by ... will remain true to myself :)