Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I love school holidays

I love school holidays !!!! I can get out of my apartment at 705 am in USJ and reach Hospital KL at 745am which is amazing ... otherwise it would have taken me one and a half hours on a normal day .... yippeee I have one month of "less" jam while driving to work. Though driving back from work is the same chaotic one hour plus plus long drive. Yesterday I was stuck in the jam from Sunway Pyramid and it took me ONE HOUR to reach my apartment. I am glad that I have a Perodua Kenari where I can just squeeze in and out of jams....too bad it could not fly me back.


Twilight Zone said...

Hello Doc - You should move nearer to city and it will be school holidays a lifetime! Petrol saved daily could earn you Air Asia tickets to India every 6 months! heeeee!

TZ said...

Hey bro, squeeze in and out ... very bad driver lah... btw, honestly i hate those driver who squeeze in and out... moreover cut queue.

Definitely school holiday will help to easy the traffic :-)

sbanboy said...

twilight zone
I bought the apartment that I am staying in and it is very cosy and I love it .... now too broke to buy a new place unless I come stay with you and your wife :)

Dont worry lah I am not tat kind of driver .. I just squeeze in ... I also dont like people who cut queue :)