Monday, 10 November 2008

Greetings from Asansol, West Bengal

Greetings from Asansol, West Bengal. I am nearing the end of my trip to India. I will be spending a day in Asansol and I will be making a trip to Kolkata on Wednesday to catch my flight back to Malaysia ... I will be flying Singapore Airlines.

So much to share when I am back in Malaysia and I had taken a lot of pictures and I think more than a thousand pictures. A lot of pictures of the breathtaking views of Darjeeling and the Himalaya Mountains. I survived the cold temperature and the nerve raking and dangerous ride back from Darjeeling to Asansol. I survived tyre punctures, engine breakdown and near accidents. I had no access to toilets and I had to do my " stuffs " in the open. Ate things which I dont even know the names. But most of all I can see God moving in this part of the world which I thought was forgetten but God knows and remembers His people. I have made a lot of new friends and a few where we just clicked and I am sure will remain great friends for life.

Godwilling, I hope to visit this part of India again.

Take care and God bless


TZ said...

Hey bro, I wanna to have dinner with you before i go back to Kampala... i still don't know whether i would be traveling this weekend or not ... :-)

Anyway, let's get in touch when u touch down in KL.

Twilight Zone said...

Hey! It's nice to hear from you. God willing, you have survived and will bring good merits & memories back soon. Can't wait to see your photos.

YANZ said...

hey... can't wait to see ur pics =D

really, thanks for sharing ur experience & pics, btw... this is the only way i get to travel overseas, through people like u who share bout their experience ;D

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Lovely. Really can't wait to see your photos here as well. Take care and have a pleasent flight back home.

sbanboy said...

Give me a buzz

twilight zone
Thanks for the sms-es

More pics coming up and thanks for dropping by

Thanks ... arranging the photos :)