Saturday, 15 November 2008

Day 2 : Travel to Asansol

After the 2nd team from USA arrived in Kolkata ... it was time to load our luggage on the vehicles and travel to Asansol which was a 5 hours drive.
It was a quiet and dusty and smoky night.... our luggages being loaded on the Tata
Kolkata International Airport ... Adious till I see u again on Nov 13th
Driving on the highway .... very very dusty and bumpy.... and sometimes we get cows and dogs and people crossing the road... and I have even seen a vehicle on the same line in the opposite direction !!!!
Can u imagine this happened on the highway ????? Apparently the truck wanted to go to the other side of the road ... and it caused a major jam.
Time for a short break of masala tea before we continue the ride to Asansol. Yummy tea but I dont want to know how they made it :)
Uncle busy sleeping in his little hut .... business open for 24 hours
Finally arrived in Asansol at about 6 am ... and was greeted with warm welcomes and FOOD !!!! I was famished
Scrambled eggs with chapati ... a nice combination ... and I goppled it all down.

Time for a short nap before we head over to the orphanage.


Twilight Zone said...

I love Indian food and watched so many Bollywood VCDs. I guess I was an Indian in my past life. Interesting photos you've posted. Some more leh?

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

The traffic sounded bad. But food looks good, isn't it?

sbanboy said...

twilight zone
yup more pics coming up

Traffic was nerve racking but the food was yummy

North Indian food not so spicy :)